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Learning Products for Children

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Money Town

Fun and funds go hand in hand when you put your money where your mouse is with Money Town, this joy filled multimedia adven...Read More

Orly's Draw-a-Story

Welcome to Orly's Jamaica! Pick any of Orly's fantastic stories, then pause to draw and color a picture. Surprise! The chara...Read More

Ultimate Writing & Creativity

Ultimate Writing & Creativity Center combines easy-to-use writing and creativity tools with special education features that h...Read More


Compete against the clock or another player to make learning addition and subtraction fun. It's the Greatest! Memorize additi...Read More

Casper Early Reader

Join Casper, his new friend Wendy the Witch and the Ghostly Trio on a reading adventure at Camp Sunnybright. These friendly s...Read More

Hunchback of Notre Dame Storybook

From the catacombs beneath Paris to the bell tower of Notre Dame, a great reading adventure is calling your name. Come join y...Read More

Macmillan Dictionary for Children

This CD-ROM version of the #1 children's dictionary, used in schools nationwide, offers easy access to more than 12,000 words...Read More

New Millennium Encyclopedia of Science

The ultimate source of never-ending information. Over 3,500 articles, over 650 illustrations and animations and over 1100 pho...Read More

New Millennium Children's Encyclopedia

This comprehensive reference resource for kids combines six complete, best-selling reference books into one CD-ROM: Oxford Am...Read More

Math Munchers

Help your Muncher avoid the mischievous Troggles as you maneuver through the gameboard, munching on multiples, factors, prime...Read More

Logic Quest

Explore a medieval courtyard and castle and earn the skills to create your own. Logic Quest uses 3D, first-person perspective...Read More

Amazon Trail II

Amazon Trail II Takes You Deeper into the Rainforest? Your adventures begin with a mysterious incident at the Museum of Ancie...Read More

Oregon Trail III

Experience the adventure of the Oregon Trail and stake your claim in the Old West! Survival hinges on the many crucial decis...Read More

History of the U.S. for Young People

This authoritative reference material, used in schools across the country, is ideal for students of all ages who have America...Read More

Body Works 6.0

Learn in-depth how the body works, then quiz yourself to test your knowledge. Body Works comprehensive database lets you go i...Read More