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Potty Training Products:  DVD - No More Diapers


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DVD - No More Diapers

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DVD - No More Diapers

Potty Training Product DVD - No More Diapers : No More Diapers - DVD No More Diapers is a delightful animated story about a little bear who loves wearing a diaper but gives it up for big kid underpants. Great for girls and boys!Includes fun sing-along songs like Wonderous Underous Pants, Underwear is Great, and The Congratulations March. 30 Potty Training Reward Stickers included with each DVD! Your little one will enjoy watching this DVD again and again and will soon be saying.... no more diapers for me! No More Diapers was created by Sunwoo Entertainment, the animation studio behind Rugrats, The Wild Thornberry's motion picture, and many other popular animation properties. DVD - No More Diapers Potty Training Product.







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