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Tips for Around the House

Do you end up with little pieces of soap?  Use them to make your own liquid hand soap to be used in a pump dispenser.  To make, combine in a microwave safe container  bits of regular soap to one cup of water. Microwave until soap is melted and let sit overnight.  Add to hand pump.  Add water as necessary.


Use cheap shampoo for liquid hand soap.


Wallpaper Paste Recipe: I used this recipe one time when I thought that because my border paper said it was pre-pasted that it really meant pre-pasted!!

  • 4 T flour
  • 1 cup cool water
  • 1 cup hot water
  • 1 1/2 Tbs. sugar

Mix flour with cool water.  Add hot water.  Stir.  Heat to boiling stirring constantly.  Remove from heat.  Add sugar and stir.  Apply to wallpaper with a paintbrush. 


Reuse your Ziploc baggies! ( I don't use the ones that I have stored any type of meat in because I just don't want to chance it. )


Use cloth napkins instead of buying paper napkins.


Save money on your electric bill by not using your dryer.  I have a friend who now saves $55.00 off of her electric bill because she hangs her clothes out on a line instead of using the dryer.  



Since I started making my own cards, I save so much money and time shopping!  Plus, the personal touch means so much.  
I started with some paper, stamps and ink pads.  You can add any kind of embellishment to dress it up, too...ribbon, buttons, eyelets, fibers, foil paper...the possibilities are endless!  
Plus, I get to have my own quiet time & I rarely forget a birthday now.  


For those of us who may use liquid hand soap, you can use cheap shampoo instead.  It does the same thing, but is cheaper.  
Another thought is that you could get  a foamer.  Then you only use a little bit of the soap to a lot of water, and it foams up for you.  I love that, cause I feel like I'm pampering myself as well as saving money!

Tips for Reusing items: (These tips came from our Message Board - Thanks Ladies!)

I reuse baggies as well.
I also save those styrofoam meat trays for painting.
I save my brown paper grocery bags to take to Aldi's.
I can make 3-4 meals from one chicken/turkey!!
I reuse empty spice bottles.
I save and reuse bacon grease.
I save the heals of bread, stale bread, crackers, etc. to make bread crumbs with.

Sometimes I save the trays that frozen dinners come in and use them in the classroom for paint trays.
I buy ground beef at Aldi's and it comes in a deep tray that is more like a bowl.  When I get home I just make the ground beef into a meatloaf, shape it into a size that will fit in my pan and freeze it in the original tray I got from Aldi's.
I reuse bottled water bottles for baseball games.  I just fill them with tap water and put in the fridge and we are good to go!
I reuse scrapbook supplies like crazy.  I save every little scrap because you just never know when you will need that color again!
I save all of the stickers and mailing labels that charities send when they want money.  I love using those!

I re use bread ties.  When i get out of the shower, I put gel in my hair, twist around my finger and twist with a bread tie.  Much more comfortable than rollers and when i get up in the morning I have lots of ringlets.

I also get paint stir sticks at the hardware for free and use the label my plants outside.

I have the girls in the office save the toys they get out of thier lunchtime happy meals and give to my nieces and nephews to play with at my home.

I use an empty bread bad to put my plastic grocery bags into saving space and mess.

I save and use junk mail to start bon fires. I also re-use my same hanging flower basket year after year and just fill with a flat.  Cheaper than buying the basket already made.

And my last tip to re-use:  I buy the pretties serving bowl and dishes used at the local good will and have a beautiful table all year round.

I also re-use my same hanging flower basket year after year and just fill with a flat.
I do the same thing. I think they turn out nicer that way. I get too pick and choose what I want in them. To buy the ones I like would cost me around $20 a piece, even at the farmers auction.



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