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Baby Shower Decorating Around a Theme

Host and expectant mother have spent time together working out the baby shower theme, and now it's time to get busy coordinating the decorations to the theme so the end result is a memorable occasion.

How extensive the decorating gets will depend greatly on the amount that has been budgeted for this task decorating. It's also going to depend on the number of guests that are expected to attend. Keep in mind that each additional guest will increase the overall cost of the baby shower, even if it's just slightly.

A few basic decorations will go a long way towards creating the right effect for any baby shower.

1.  Balloons:  Begin with a balloon bouquet decoration to mark the location of the baby shower. This is a perfect way to show, at a glance, that a festive occasion awaits those who enter. For a memorable effect, choose balloon colors that complement the baby shower theme. Balloon bouquets are very easy to make yourself.  Simply buy balloons matching the colors of the shower and blow up the balloons.  You can use air or you can buy a helium tank.  If you are going to blow them up yourself, follow these directions for making a balloon bouquet:

Easy Balloon Bouquet:  Cut off about a 4 ft. length of string.  Blow up all of your balloons.  Begin at one end of the string and make a slip knot about 6 inches from the end.  Slip the tie of the balloon into the slip knot and pull it tight.  Go down about 4 inches and make another slip knot, and insert second balloon and tighten.  Continue until you have used all of your balloons. Now tie one end of the strong to the other, bringing the balloons into a tight bouquet.  You can use the extra length of string to hang them. If the balloons are too droopy in the middle, you can use an extra piece of string to gather the droopy sides together to make a more rounded shape.

Match your balloons to your theme: Pastel 12" Balloons, White 12" Balloons, Yellow 12" Balloons, Blue 12" Balloons, Pink 12" Balloons, Assorted 12" Balloons

Balloon Drop:  Spoil the mom-to-be with a balloon drop! Each balloon bag comes with 100 6" colorful balloons. Follow the directions and pull the cord to add excitement to your party.

2Sign:  Another popular choice to mark the shower location is with a sign. There's no mistaking the purpose of a stork it's a clear sign that a baby is coming soon! Decorating for a baby shower is one of most fun aspects of the party!

3.  Paper Goods:  The next place to spend some of the baby shower decorating budget is on the paper goods; in particular, those items that are needed for food and beverages. Food is almost always served at baby showers and guests will need something, hopefully decorative, to put food on and drinks in. Offering guests theme-inspired or color-coordinated plates, cups, napkins, and eating utensils that support or that complement the theme of the baby shower is always a great decorating idea.

4.  Tablecloths: Tablecloths are a great way to pull a room together. Again, if there's a theme for the baby shower, there's probably a tablecloth available in that theme. If you cannot find a tablecloth in the theme you are using, a solid colored tablecloth can be used.  Disposable plastic tablecloths are very inexpensive and make cleaning up fast and easy.

5.  Streamers:  Hanging paper streamers across the ceiling and banners across walls are both inexpensive ways decorate in order to create a festive mood and reinforce the baby shower message.

6.  Confetti:  Bags of confetti sprinkled across tabletops add a bit of glitz.

7.  Centerpieces . A Diaper Cake makes a great centerpiece, can be used as one of the games, and a baby shower gift! 

8.  Fresh flower arrangements:  You may either purchase these from a local florist or order from Grower Flowers which offers fresh flowers cut directly from the growers and has next day delivery.  The convenience of delivery is always nice when you have a long to-do-list for the day of the shower.

9.  Place cards: has a nice selection of place cards.  Simply put place card into their search box and you will see a great variety of place cards.  You can match the place cards to the other theme of the baby shower.

10.  Signature Platter:  A Signature Platter is such a neat idea and a great keepsake to give the mom-to-be so she'll always remember this special day! 

10.  Candles for the table:  Votive candles in nice votive holders is a beautiful way to decorate the tables.  You may also wish to add tapered candles set in a candle holder.  Discount Candle Shop has a nice online selection of candles. 

11.  Favors to be put at each place setting:  There are many things you can give for favors to each guest. 

Here are some ideas from Memory Wraps:

12.  Food Table:  If you are going to be having a buffet style lunch or dinner, the table should be decorated.  Tablecloths and fresh cut flowers go a long way towards beautifying the food table.

13.  Gift Table:  The gifts themselves will be the focus of the gift table filling it with color.  A simple gift table can be made by draping a table with a coordinating solid colored tablecloth and attaching a giant bow to the front of the table.

14.  Rocking Chair - the mom-to-be will appreciate a rocking chair to sit in while she opens presents.  You can reserve this chair for her by marking it with a giant bow.

For planning purposes, decorating typically happens on the day before or the day of the baby shower. Purchase decorations for the shower several weeks in advance.

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