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Don't Forget the Baby Shower Favors!

Baby Shower Party Favors are a great way to show guests that their thoughtfulness did not go unnoticed. People are busy and when they take time out of their busy schedules to help others celebrate a special day, whether it's a wedding, a birthday or a baby shower, they need to know that what they did mattered. So it's no wonder that guests are leaving today's baby showers with party favors as unique tokens of appreciation. Besides showing gratitude, baby shower favors can help create a lasting impression.

Baby shower favors don't have to break the host's budget. Even if the budget is tight, it's important that something is given to guests upon their departure. A shower favor need not be big, or elaborate, or expensive. Rather what's usually more important is the 'aaahhh' factor. Baby shower favors should be something that'll make guests smile.  Don't forget to get some additional favors as prizes for for the baby shower games.

Which Baby Shower Favors are Favorites?

Favors can be hand-crafted or they can be purchased from a number of retail and online outlets. They can be candles, chocolates/candy, picture frames, magnets, pens/pencils, cookie cutters, bath/shower gels/soaps/fizzes, seed packets, or whatever works best with the overall theme of the baby shower.

For those baby showers that are more formal, there's an equally impressive assortment of upscale favors including demitasse tea spoons with pink or blue ribbons, silver-plated coffee scoops, chocolate truffles or candles inside crystal baby booties! And of course, what could be more appropriate than wrapping these cute little baby shower favors inside baby-inspired gift bags and boxes?

Here are some great favor ideas from Memory Wraps:

Shindigz has a great selection of Baby Showers favors and supplies also!

Other Issues to Consider

With prices ranging from under $1 to several dollars or more per piece, party favors need to be calculated into the budget. And remember, the more guests, the more the baby shower favors are going to cost since each guest should be leaving with one. Something to consider before purchasing favors is the guests themselves. Will they vary considerably in age? Will there be a mixture of married and single women, or mothers and yet-to-be mothers? Are men invited as well? If so, these little baby shower favors might require a little extra thought.

The time to start looking for the perfect party favors is about 4 to 6 weeks before the actual shower. By then, the guest count should be fairly stable. It also allows enough time to special order favors or to look for something unique that'll complement the shower's theme. However, favors can also be purchased at the last minute if the host is not looking for anything in particular.

And never forget how much people appreciate receiving hand-made gifts, so if someone in the group has the time and the talent, be sure to ask if he or she is interested in helping out! A hand-made baby shower favor will be a gift that is certain to be appreciated and kept.

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