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The Life of the Baby Shower Party Food, Drinks and Cake!

What's one of the most important aspects of any type of party, even a baby shower? It's the food! Food not only fills guests up, it's a great way to get guests to mingle with one another. When planning food for a baby shower, keep in mind that oftentimes, the simpler the better. Also remember that one sure-fire way to make simple foods more elaborate is with their presentation. Wherever possible, augment the food with a presentation that matches the decor or theme of the baby shower.

Planning Food for a Baby Shower

Most baby shower hosts prefer to serve finger foods, buffet style. Theses types of foods are easy to eat, they don't require a lot in the way of preparation and large quantities can be provided relatively inexpensively. Another common idea for the baby shower is to have the host coordinate a 'pot luck' menu where each of the guests brings something different to eat. Only a small percentage of baby showers serve formal, sit-down meals, but this too is an option.

It's really up to the host to first determine what her time and budget will allow, and then plan the menu accordingly. Planning the food should happen when the host first meets with the guest of honor to go over the shower details. If it's decided that the host will provide all food, she should begin food shopping about one week prior to the baby shower date. Food preparation work like cutting and chopping can happen 1 2 days before the shower and the food can all be assembled on the day of the baby shower.

Selecting Beverages for a Baby Shower

At a baby shower, guests will also need drinks, and as a general rule, the host should stick to serving non-alcoholic drinks. The expectant mother cannot indulge, and there's always the chance that some guests will indulge a bit too much, so eliminating alcoholic beverages entirely is easiest, safest and least expensive way. Ultimately however the choice is up to the host and the mom-to-be about what they want to serve at the baby shower.

Iced and flavored water, an assortment of soda, a tasty punch served in a punch bowl, coffee and tea (including decaffeinated selections) are definitely appropriate beverage choices for a baby shower. Since beverages won't spoil, they can be purchased anytime in advance of the baby shower.

The Center of Attention

For most of the duration, the baby shower guest of honor will be the center of attention, but for part of that time, she'll be sharing this honor with the baby shower cake. A simple sheet cake adorned with baby accessories and the words, 'Congratulations!' certainly will work, especially when a large gathering is expected, but as with the other parts of the baby shower, the more money that's been budgeted for the cake, the more elaborate it can be.  Once again, the cake for the baby shower needs to fit in with the theme or decoration of the party.

If the cake won't be requiring anything out of the ordinary, most bakeries need only one week's advance notice when ordering. However, should the services of an in-demand professional cake decorator be required, or if the look of the cake needs to coordinate with the overall theme of the baby shower, the work should be discussed as far in advance of the shower date as possible.

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