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Baby Shower  Games and Activities

Baby showers are fun gatherings usually consisting of 4 main activities: socializing, eating, playing those famous baby shower games, and the best one of all, opening all those baby gifts! Lasting on average 2 to 3 hours, it's always a good idea for the host to outline a schedule of activities ahead of time so that the pace of the party remains steady.

Planning Baby Shower Games

The beginning of the baby shower is a good time for socialization. Most of the guests will want to greet one another and talk with the mother-to-be to find out the details of her pregnancy.

Food is always expected at a baby shower and it need not be elaborate. It's just got to be planned. Finger foods are easiest and guests can eat throughout the shower, with a special time, usually towards the end, devoted to eating the cake.

Games for a Baby Shower

Baby shower games are fun and there's no end to the game options, either. Practically any game can be revamped to make it appropriate for a baby shower. If the guests are a fun group, plan on playing several different baby shower games. Just be sure to decide about 3 weeks prior to the shower the games that will be played because the host will have to make sure she has plenty of game pieces and necessary supplies. And she'll need a prize to award the winner of each game, too!

Guessing the circumference of the expectant mother's belly is a traditional game that's played at most baby showers. A simple baby shower game involves filling a baby bottle with jelly beans or q-tips and having each guest guess how many the bottle contains. There's also baby shower Bingo, baby tic-tac-toe, pin the pacifier on the baby, and so many more fun games.

One game that I enjoyed playing at the baby shower given for me with my very first pregnancy was The Diaper Cake game.  The hostess of the shower was extremely creative and built a beautiful tiered cake out of diapers.  Around the layered tiers of the cake, she tucked miscellaneous items such as pacifiers, nail clippers, bibs, bottles, etc.   She set this beautiful diaper cake in the middle of the table and it became a focal point of conversation as ladies began arriving. 

When it was time for the games, the hostess picked up the diaper cake and carried it into another room.  She then gave each guest a piece of paper and pencil and instructed them to write down as many items on the diaper cake as they could remember.  The guest who had the most correct answers was the winner! 

It was a lot of fun and the best part was the diaper cake was my gift from the hostess to take home with me.  Now if you aren't creative or don't have time to figure out how to make a diaper cake, you can order a diaper cake online and have it delivered to your home.  How nice is that!

Another fun game that brings out the kid in everyone is a piata!  Here are some baby themed piatas I found:

Baby Cube Pinata

Baby Cube Piata

This colorful baby cube makes a lovely centerpiece for a baby shower! Add fun to your party with this unique baby shower game!

Baby Ducky Pinata

Baby Ducky Piata

Everyone will fall in love with this cute baby duck piata! Use it to decorate your baby shower or a first birthday. This piata will add lots of fun to any celebration!

Alternatives to Baby Shower Games

If games don't seem appropriate for the group, for whatever reason, plan a group project instead. When the project is finished, it'll be given to the guest of honor as a way to remind her of this special occasion. Some baby shower project ideas include scrapbooking, quilting, making a video documentary, or making something like a hand-painted floor mat or wall hanging that the expectant mother can use in her home. Creating an advice book is easy. Just get a notebook full of blank pages and pass it around to each guest. On a separate page, each guest writes down a bit of baby or parenting advice and signs the page.

If men are invited, plan the baby shower as more of get-together, perhaps an outdoors BBQ. The guys can prepare the food and assemble the baby gifts as they're opened while the women sit back and have fun!  If you are feeling ambitious, you can plan a baby shower around a theme that includes both men and women.  Themes add a lot of fun to the party making it a memorable occasion for everyone.

Opening the Baby Gifts at the Shower

Opening the baby gifts is definitely the highlight of the baby shower (at least from the mother's point of view). Be sure someone is in charge of writing down a list of gifts and the guest who gave each. Save the bows, too so that when it's all over, the guest of honor can be crowned with a crazy bow hat!

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