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Baby Shower Gifts

Shopping for baby shower gifts is a lot of fun! Everything is so cute and so tiny and so necessary. It's easy to want to buy everything for the expectant mother, and she probably would graciously accept everything that's given to her, but there likely are some specific baby items she'd really like to have, or need.  A baby shower is an opportunity for friends to pitch in and provide a some financial help to mom and dad in their time of need.

Unique Gifts

Most people attending the baby shower will bring practical gifts such as onsies, blankets, or bottles.  Although these items are useful and needed, many of them will look alike.  Whenever I attend a baby shower, I try to find practical gifts for the mom-to-be that are useful but unique.   For example, I fell in love with these baby books:  Boutique Baby Memory Books.  They are absolutely beautiful with a wide range of styles.

Another gift that I always wished I had is a Floppy Seat.  I have seen lots of moms with them in the stores, but I never had one when my children were younger.  I would have loved to receive one as a gift.

Talk about practical and unique, this Cute as a Button Wooden Gift Set is packed with things moms need for their newborns.  And the best part?  When the baby outgrows the clothes, the box is still useful.  The sturdy box is great for keeping things organized, something that all moms love!  There is one in pink and one in blue.

When I first saw this next gift I was amazed.  It is a bathing tub for newborns and allows the baby to stay in a position he or she would remember from being in Mama's womb.  Babies are able to stay warmer and it is great for colicky babies!  It is aptly named Tummy Tub Baby Bucket Bath

What mom wouldn't love this closet organizer for her new baby's room?  Babies things are so little and don't require much space, so this organizer is a great solution.  Especially for those who are low on closet space - and the price is great!

Engraved Baby Gifts

Baby shower gifts can be made even more special with the addition of personalized engraving. Engraving is popular especially when the baby shower is going to be held after the baby is born, because guests know all the birth details including the baby's full name, birth weight and height, and birth date. A personalized gift is a unique baby shower gift that is much more likely to be kept and cherished over the years.  Personalized Baby Keepsakes Ideas

Baby Gift Registry

Most expectant first-time mothers today register their gift preferences at a store or web site that offers such a service. She'll spend an afternoon (or longer) selecting the items that she'd like to get for her baby. When guests have a baby shower registry to work from, the task of baby shower gift buying gets much easier. They just go to the store's gift registry , input the mother's name or sometimes just the date of the baby shower, and in seconds, a shopping list prints out.

The guest takes the shopping list to the baby department (or go online) and looks for the items on the list. To make shopping even easier, the retail price for the various gifts is often included right on the shopping list. That way, if the shopper wants to spend a specific amount on the gift(s), it's easy to go down the list and select the gifts that are within that price range.

Besides being an effective shopping assistant, purchasing off the gift registry cuts down on gift duplication and it ensures that the expectant mother gets exactly what she needs and wants. She can add any baby items the store carries onto the gift registry linens, clothing, car seats, bottles, diapers, nursery accessories, photo albums, monitors, whatever!

Although having a shopping list of baby gifts makes shopping so much easier, there are a lot of people who do not like to shop this way. They believe it's a rather impersonal experience, preferring instead to shop for something they feel to be more appropriate for the mother-to-be.  Many web sites offer suggestions on baby shower gift ideas.  This is a fine approach as well and is a perfect option when neither time nor money is an issue. It also adds an element of surprise to the baby shower gift giving.  Regardless of how the gift idea originated, there's definitely nothing else that compares to shopping for baby gifts for a shower!

Hostess Gifts

Typically the person who hosts the baby shower does not give the mother-to-be a gift. Instead, the bridal shower is her gift. Anyone who has ever hosted a baby shower knows first-hand that this is an elaborate (not to mention expensive!) gift. However, if  multiple hosts split the cost, it may be appropriate for each to give a small gift in addition to hosting the baby shower.

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