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Organize and Host a Baby Shower?

A baby shower is a special time for the mother-to-be. It's a day that has been set aside for her to spend quality time with family and close friends before her life gets monopolized by her approaching bundle of joy. Traditionally, a close friend of the mother-to-be is the person who will organize and host the baby shower. But with friends and family scattered about, these days, baby shower hosting responsibilities are assumed by whichever person makes most sense. The host of the baby shower could be a close friend, but it could also be a co-worker, a parent, a cousin or other relative, or even someone from the expectant father's side.

Baby Shower Host - A Group Effort

Oftentimes, several people will actually volunteer to host the expectant mother's baby shower. Baby showers are big events with guest lists that know no limits. With so many details to coordinate and plenty of expenses to cover, in many instances, the more help the better. When more than one person is involved, it's important that tasks get split apart and delegated. You don't want anyone wasting time shopping for favors when someone else has already purchased them. And it'll still be important to talk over the details with the expectant mother so that she gets the type of baby shower she expects. When multiple people are involved in hosting a baby shower, someone needs to be responsible for coordinating everyone's efforts.

Office Baby Shower

Often, coworkers will get together to throw the mother-to-be a shower. Before making plans for a baby shower during work hours, someone better check the company policy on this. The larger the organization, the more likely it is that someone higher up the chain of command will care about what is going on. But even in a small company, those participating in the baby shower, no matter how informal, will be spending part of their work day not working. To be safe, check with someone who is familiar with the company policy.  In the worse case, a lunch hour baby shower may be in order.

Time to Spare

Whether the host is one person or whether a group will share the responsibility of hosting , putting on a memorable baby shower takes careful planning and a keen attention to detail. It's an occasion that will take a considerable amount of time to plan, so make sure you have the time to spare before you volunteer. Of course, there is a lot of work that you can delegate and that you can hire others to do, but even then, it's all going to require planning, coordination and follow-up to insure that mom-to-be gets a memorable baby shower..

Begin With the Where and When

If you find yourself with the responsibility of hosting a baby shower, remember that this is a special day for the expectant mother. She gets a say in when the shower takes place, who gets invited and whether or not there will be a theme. The only time you wouldn't involve her is when the shower will be a surprise. In that case, it's important to seek the opinions of those closest to her. The where and when of a baby shower can be an important point to consider when trying to decide on a theme and decorations.

And now that someone has been put in charge of this special event, it's time to get rolling!

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