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Baby Showers the Second Time Around (or Third, or Fourth)

One of the biggest dilemmas having to do with baby showers is whether it's appropriate to arrange one for someone who already has been given a baby shower for her firstborn child. The perception is that the woman who has more than one baby shower is being a bit too greedy. It's also the perception that by the time a second or third child comes into the picture, the mother already has all the essential baby items she needs so why bother?

Unfortunately it is this way of thinking that has helped give the idea of having a baby shower more than once a bad name. Yes, it's true that part of the baby shower is about bringing and opening gifts, but the key word here is 'part'. A baby shower is about much more than giving gifts. It's an opportunity to celebrate a new life and it's a time to gather together and revel in this joyous occasion.

With that in mind, it doesn't really matter the number of children the woman already has as long as the emphasis of the baby shower remains on celebrating new life and the mother's good fortune and good health.

For all those who are questioning whether or not to host yet another baby shower for a friend or relative's third child, the answer is, just do it! Only this time, be sure to put more emphasis on celebrating instead of the gift-giving.

There are many ways to have a fun, well-attended baby shower for a woman who is having another child. Just be sure the focus of the event is on being together with close friends and family. Here are a few ideas:

This time, instead of scheduling the shower before the baby's arrival, wait to have the shower after the child is born. Everyone enjoys seeing a new baby, and why not wait and let the new baby be the guest of honor. Instead of calling it a 'baby shower,' call it an 'It's a Girl!' shower or an 'It's a Boy!' shower. Gift-giving can be optional. If guests ask about gifts, suggest they get something specifically for the baby. Everyday items such as disposable diapers, washcloths, and baby bottles are good optional gift ideas. These types of parties are increasingly being called 'Sprinkle' parties rather than a shower.

Call the party a 'Mommy Party' or a 'Pamper Party' and instead of focusing on the baby, focus on the mother. Bring gifts to pamper her such as spa accessories, comforting candles or manicure/pedicure tools.

Arrange a casual get-together where the focus is on eating and socializing. Guests can bring things designed to help the mother out after her delivery. Frozen foods, coupons for baby-sitting her other child(ren) or house cleaning, and gift certificates so she and her significant other can go on a date once life gets back to normal all make great gifts.

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