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Choosing a Baby Shower Theme

Choosing a baby shower theme makes the rest of the planning a (relatively) easy task. A theme gives any party a starting point and provides a way to narrow down the choices of everything from the color scheme to the location of the shower.

Before planning a theme, it's important to decide the 'tone' of the baby shower. Will it be formal or informal? We will give you suggestions for baby shower themes that center around decorations, baby shower themes that revolve around gift giving, and baby shower themes that revolve around the guests.

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Baby Shower theme ideas that center around decorations:

Baby Shower theme ideas centered around gift giving:

Co-ed Baby Shower Themes

If the shower will contain both men and women, it might be a good idea to go easy on the frilly décor.  Shindigz has some great idea for themed parties! 

  • Hollywood
  • Princess Party
  • Fifties
  • Western
  • Party in Paradise
  • Western
  • BBQ
  • Parisian
  • Jungle
  • Casino Night
  • Retro
  • Pirate Party
  • Luau
  • Cocktail Party...and so much more!

Visit Shindigz for a complete list of Theme Parties and all of the accessories to go with them!

With so many adorable baby shower themes to choose from, the most difficult part of this aspect of planning might just be selecting the perfect one. A wise host will get together with the mother-to-be early on to begin discussing the party details. The baby shower is after all, supposed to be her special day, so it makes sense that the guest of honor should participate in the decision-making stage.

If the baby shower is planned as a surprise, the host won't be able to directly ask the guest of honor about her preferences, but the host should be close enough to her to know a bit about what she likes and dislikes. It would also be a good idea to solicit information from mom-to-be's spouse and family. The host may know the baby's gender, and even whether the expectant mother has already selected a baby shower theme, or at least a color scheme, for the baby's nursery, knowing that type of information is a great way to begin the theme selection process.

The bottom line is, the creative baby shower host can probably make any baby shower theme work, if she's willing to invest both the time and money. Pulling off a theme can get expensive, especially if a lot of guests are expected. In the end, it doesn't matter whether the plates and napkins are white or themed because they will end up in the trash. What really matters is that everyone has a relaxing and memorable baby shower!

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