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Where to Hold a Baby Shower

Once the date and time of the baby shower is determined and there's a fairly approximate guest count, it's time to select a location. Many hosts have the baby shower right at their home. But for those times when the host's home isn't appropriate, there are other options. Many restaurants can accommodate this type of special occasion and they can take care of the food, too! Churches and clubs are good choices as well. Many have large meeting rooms, and some even have fully-equipped kitchens that can be used. Conference rooms and cafeterias work well for the baby shower that's being put on by co-workers.

Selecting the location needs to be done early on in the planning stages so that there is enough time to send out invitations. It's recommended that the location is selected at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to the shower date.

Baby Shower At Home

Before deciding to have the baby shower at home, take a closer look to see if it'll comfortably accommodate all guests. Ask these questions before making a final decision: Is there ample room for parking? Is it easy to find? Can the furniture be rearranged as necessary to accommodate the additional people, as well as the food, beverages and shower gifts? Is there a comfortable chair/ottoman that can be centrally located and designated for the guest of honor? Does the guest of honor have any allergies, for example to pets that could cause her to be uncomfortable?

If the house seems like a good fit, then go ahead and hold the baby shower there. Remember that, weather permitting the shower can take place outdoors. Be sure to have plenty of picnic tables and chairs on hand. If the guys are invited, planning a baby shower BBQ is definitely something to consider. The guys can cook while the women play games and socialize!

Baby Shower at a Restaurant, Club or Church

If the host's home isn't large enough to accommodate the guests, one of two things will have to happen. The guest list will need to be pared down or a location with a larger capacity will have to be selected. A large-party room at a restaurant, or a church meeting room or private club facility are suitable options. Be sure to reserve the location as far in advance of the shower date as possible, preferably 6 to 8 weeks ahead.

Get together with the person in charge of special events and discuss the date, the number of guests, the menu and the policy regarding decorations. Put everything that has been agreed to in writing. If the location requires a cash deposit to hold the date, pay it to avoid any unpleasant surprises later on. Even if a deposit isn't required to reserve the location or the date, a cleaning deposit might be required to utilize the location's cooking facilities (in case the party fails to clean up afterwards).


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