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Final Preparations for the Baby Shower

The big day of the baby shower has finally arrived! So much has already been accomplished, yet there is still so much to be done. By now, the guest list should be stable, the location should definitely be confirmed, and the food, baby shower decorations, baby shower favors and cake should have already been purchased or at least ordered and ready for delivery..

Pulling the Baby Shower all Together

On the day of the baby shower, timing is everything. Here's what needs to happen now: The location has to be decorated, the furniture has to be arranged to accommodate all the guests, the food has to be put together and arranged in an attractive presentation, the drinks have to be put out, and any last minute errands have to be worked into the schedule. Can it all be accomplished in time for the baby shower?

Yes, it can, and the wise host will enlist the assistance of others. The wise baby shower host will also work off a checklist so that no task is overlooked. There's nothing worse than forgetting to take the pre-made roll-up sandwiches out of the freezer so that they can thaw in time for the guests!

The extent of decorating that will happen is going to depend on the location of the baby shower. If it's being held at a home or a private club, it'll be necessary to allot a several hours to tackle this task. Start by rearranging tables and chairs into a comfortable seating arrangement, and once that's done, the tables can be decorated with tablecloths and favors, and whatever else has been purchased for table decorations. Don't forget to decorate the food and beverage areas as well as the gift table. Next, hang streamers and banners as allowed. If balloons or balloon bouquets are part of the decorations, they'll need to be picked up (if they've been ordered) or filled up and put into place.

To ensure it's as fresh as possible, it is best to coordinate the cake so that it is baked and decorated on the day of the baby shower. Be sure that someone has been assigned the responsibility of picking up the cake and delivering it to the party location.

Don't Overlook the Small Details

Taking care of all the miscellaneous details happens today. These are tasks such as setting out garbage containers, making sure each food item has appropriate serving utensils, filling up ice buckets, making fresh coffee and tea, gathering baby shower game supplies and marking the location of the party with balloons or signs. Make sure to remember the baby shower favors, and make sure someone keeps a copy of the shower invitation to go into baby's scrapbook.

Before the guests begin to arrive, the host should have everything in place, changed and relaxed. That way, she can be ready to greet her guests as they arrive. The host should designate a special chair for the guest of honor, one that's comfortable and centrally-located. When it comes time to open shower gifts, the host should make sure someone creates a list of the gifts each guest brought. When it's all over, the host must also make sure someone helps pack up all the baby shower gifts and safely delivers the guest of honor back home, where she can think back on her special day!

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