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Top Beauty-Fix Substitutes

This guest post is by Donna Reish

All frugal moms have one thing in common: they keep themselves on a tight budget. While clipping coupons and scouring circulars can certainly help you save on particular items like beauty and grooming products, did you know that you can save even more by using substitutes? There are a variety of common household foods and products that you already own that can serve as double-duty whenever you are in the need of quick-beauty fix. So don’t waste unnecessary gas making a trip to the local drug store and follow these tips and tricks below.

Shaving Cream Substitutes

If you ever run out of shaving cream, the best way to continue having smooth and silky legs is to simply use hair conditioner or olive oil. Both have a thick coating that is equally as effectively at moisturizing the skin and smoothing out the hair follicles just like traditional shaving cream.  In the end you have a clean shave without causing any razor burn. Just be careful not to pack on too much conditioner or oil—the thick consistencies have a tendency to make razor blades become duller at a quicker rate if piled on too much.

Want to get your legs even smoother? Before you shave, make sure to lather yourself using this recipe for a homemade body exfoliation scrub: pour ½ cup of regular sugar into a bowl. Then add ¼ cup of lotion and stir until it makes a paste. If the paste is too runny, add more sugar. If too thick, add more lotion. Slather on your legs, working in a circular motion to wipe away any dead skin cells and then rinse clean.

Facial Substitutes

If you like to use face-washing pads to clean your face, an excellent substitute to scrub your face clean and penetrate soap deeper into your pores is to use coffee filters. That’s right, coffee filters are extremely durable, designed to withstand water, and are made of a special textured material that really smoothes and cleans the face. Simply dab some facial soap into the coffee filter, add some luke warm water and work the soap in before applying to your face and scrubbing in a circular motion. Use a new coffee filter with each wash.

It would be a waste to go to the pharmacy store to buy a whole tube of zit cream, especially if you only get one every few months. Instead, dab a pea-size amount of toothpaste (not gel) on the infected area and let it penetrate over night. It’ll resolve the issue in a jiffy.

If you ever happen to run out of makeup remover, an easy solution is to use lotion. Dabbing a small dollop of lotion on a cotton ball can remove even the thickest mascara and eye liner.

Nail Care Substitutes

Lastly, a great substitute for nail polish remover is actually toothpaste or perfume. These two products contain ethyl acetate— a chemical that is typically found in nail polish removers. So just dab some perfume (not your most favorite or most expensive of course) or some toothpaste on a cotton ball and remove chipped nail polish. Adding some toothpaste on bare nails will actually help improve slightly discolored, yellowish nails as well.


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