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Some Great Apps to Help You Save Money!

Here Are Some Apps to Help You Save Money Every Day!


Mobile Application Concept - Flat DesignHere are 8 Apps to Help You Save Money! Sometimes saving money is just as easy as using your mobile device.

Waze: If your on the road a lot, you can save a lot of time as well as money with this free app for Android and Apple devices. It provides real-time traffic information, so you can find the best route and avoid traffic (so you don’t waste gas). You also can use Waze to find the cheapest gas station along your route.

Key Ring: With this app, you no longer have to keep all those loyalty cards from retailers or member cards. Use this app for Android and Apple devices to scan and store the barcodes from all of your cards. Then, show the scanned barcode when you check out to get your loyalty program discounts and rewards. The app also lets you search for coupons from more than 13,000 brands and retailers, browse exclusive weekly sales and add items to your shopping list.

RetailMeNot: This app for android and apple devices has thousands of coupons from a long list of retailers. All you do is show the cashier at checkout the online coupons and your done! You can get coupons ranging from cloths to foods all in one app. You can also get alerts when nearby deals happen at local stores This app gives you great deals on gift certificates for local restaurants. For example giving you $5 off on a $10 certificate! so you can feel free to take a day off cooking for cheap with this app.

RedLaser: This app transforms your phone into a mobile bar code scanner. All you do is scan the item you want and the app will provide detailed product reviews as well as show where you can find that item cheaper; online or at a nearby store.

Mysupermarket: This app allows you to create a shopping list of groceries, then work out where it would be cheapest to get them. Our family does a once a month shopping trip, so apps like this could save you a ton of money. You can also scan a item from your pantry and see where that item will be cheapest.

Shopkick: This app will help you find deals at stores like Target, Macy’s, Best Buy, and more. You are able to earn points by making purchases, inviting friends to join, and even by just walking into the stores. Then, the points can be transformed into gift cards at partnering stores.

Kayak: Kayak is a company that provides online travel comparisons which help you to save time and money in researching for good deals. The Kayak app provides the users the ability to compare travel sites at once and let the users choose where to book. Kayak also offers local versions in 31 countries and 17 languages. This app features comparisons for car rentals, air fares, hotel rates, travel packages, and other travel deals or promotion for you.

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