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5 Easy Ways to Save at the Gas Pump

Unless you’ve been hiding away in some remote and exotic location, you are more than aware that gas prices are surging. Currently the average cost of gas per gallon is $4 nationwide, but experts suggest prices could continue to increase.  Here are some simple tips to help you save a bundle on gas.

1.  Go Green

Leave your car in the garage and practice green modes of transportation.  Walking and bicycling are often practical alternatives to driving, not to mention great exercise.  Use public transportation or carpool with friends and co-workers whenever possible.

2.  Ease off the Lead foot

This might be a little difficult for those who are used to driving fast, but this is the easiest way to save on gas. Speedy drivers burn more fuel at a faster rate, so do your absolute best to drive the speed limit. In addition, anticipate your stops more effectively. Accelerating to high speeds and then breaking suddenly is also one of the easiest ways to waste fuel (many people stuck in traffic jams drive like this). If you see that there is a standstill ahead, simply release your foot off of the break so your vehicle naturally decelerates on its own. If you’re the type who happens to have a heavy foot, consider using cruise control—it helps you maintain a constant speed.

3. Lose the Excess Weight

Clean out your car and empty the trunk—you can keep your spare tire, but get rid of all the excess junk. The more your car weighs, the more you will need to accelerate to get the car going.   Accelerating excessively burns gas at a quicker pace. Excess weight affects smaller vehicles more, but every bit helps.

4.  Fill up in the Early A.M.

To get a better bang for your buck it’s generally best to not only fill up, but to do so in the morning.  Gas is cooler in the mornings and therefore it is more dense.  As the day warms up,  the  gas expands and becomes less concentrated.  If you fill up your tank in the heat of the day, the gas can expand and potentially overflow.

5.  Skip the A.C. and Turn off the Car

If the weather permits, crack open a window. Constantly using the A.C. eats up your gas in no time, so let in some fresh air. If you live in an area where turning off the A.C. is impossible, then at least park in a shaded area so your car doesn’t have to work so hard to cool down. It’s also a good idea to turn off your A.C. a few minutes before you reach your final destination. It’s equally important that you don’t leave your car idle—turn it completely off. According to experts, leaving your car idle for just 3 minutes can waste about a half-mile worth of fuel. Consider this when going through a packed fast food drive through.

Additional tips:

  • Always remember to use your shoppers discount card for additional savings.
  • Make sure your fuel cap is ok–you don’t want to risk losing gas due to evaporation.
  • Know the best gas prices. is a great resource for finding the best prices in your area.
  • Know how many miles you have left when your gas light comes on. Visit for more information–you might have far more than you think.

About the Author:

Lauren Bailey is a freelance writer and blog junkie who blogs about online colleges. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: blauren99 @

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  1. 1
    Sally Hanson says:

    Great tips on saving at the gas pump. It’s crazy how high the prices have soared. I’m hoping they go down in the near future.

  2. 2

    Really it’s amazing how we are always between a rock and a hard place.Some of us have noother alternatives but to drive especially if our jobs are not during normal business hours.It’s amazing how our government whether dem. or always finds ways to bail out other countries but not it’s own.

  3. 3
    Mary says:

    I’ve also been told to checkout the surrounding area gas prices as they can vary from city to city (or even store to store). The gas pumps on the corner of our street are always $0.20 higher than any other gas price in our area (even more than the one a block away) and still people are lined up to use the pumps rather than go down the street to get a better deal.

  4. 4
    Mom Blog says:

    These are great tips, thanks for sharing, or should I say “educating.” I had no idea that it was best to fill up in the a.m.
    My kids and I have started riding our bikes to the grocery. It is fun for the kids and needed excercise for all of us, but it also gives my van a break too!
    Every little bit helps. This post was so informative that I’d like to share it with my mom blog readers on

    Bobbie Anne

  5. 5

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