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Frugal Mom’s Top 20 Free Websites

We all want to make our lives easier, more productive, and of course more fun.  Today I’ve put together a list of my top 20 free websites that you shouldn’t live without.  I love hearing about new and fun websites so please share your favorites in the comments!

1.  FixYa is a free one-stop shop for finding manuals and how-to guides on over 1 million products.  They also have reviews and personal tech support for your products.  Whatever you are having a problem with your car, your cell phone, your video game console – basically any product – just post your question and an expert will answer it!

2.  Pageonce is a free site where you can keep track of all of your online accounts.  One one page (get it?) you can easily see your bank account, electric bill, cable bill…whatever online accounts you enter.  Their security is military grade, and no one can gain access to your personal information except you! Pageone has alerts help you monitor against incorrect financial transactions and fraudulent activity while notifying you of bill due dates and rewards expiration dates. This way, you’ll always know what’s going on with your finances.

3. – Paperback swap is a free online book club where you post which books you have available to other members.  When another member requests your book, you mail it to them.  In return you are able to select a book from someone else’s collection and they will mail it to you.  The only cost involved is media mail postage for mailing your book out.

4. – Allrecipes has a huge collection of user submitted recipes.  The recipes are rated by other members which give you peace of mind that they are tried and true recipes.  You can search by occasion, by recipe ingredients, and by types of recipes.  It is a great go-to recipe site!

5.  DailyLit – When you sign up for a free account with DailyLit, you can choose titles to read online.  The books are emailed to you in installments each day (you choose the size of the installment), or you can choose to receive the books via RSS.

6.  Podiobooks – If you enjoy listening to to audio books, then Podiobooks is the site for you!  Podiobooks is a free site – just choose which book you’d like to listen to and you have the choice of listening to it online, downloading it so you can listen to it on your MP3 player or CD, or you can even read it via RSS.

7.  Instructables – Instructables is a large DIY site where users submit instructions for projects.  It is a fun site to find something to make with the kids, craft projects, household projects, and so much more.  Users comment on the instructions to help you find the perfect project.

8.  YouMail – YouMail is a free voice mail service that you manage online.  Any calls that come into your cellphone that you don’t answer are forwarded to YouMail.  They offer different greetings for all your callers and they even provide you with a selection of fun greetings as well as professional greetings. You customize it so that your best friend receive one message, while your kids receive another – you choose!  Be fun with your friends, sweet to your sweetie, and professional with your boss. You can get your voicemails online – just point, click, and play.

9.  Pinterest – Pinterest is one of those sites that you can get lost in for days.  It is a lot of fun – you find things you like online and “pin” them to the boards you set up on Pinterest.  Follow other people and you’ll see the things they have pinned.  If you like them, you can repin them to your board.  Click here to see my Pinterest page. If you aren’t yet on Pinterest and would like an invitation, just send a note through the contact form, or leave a comment!

10.  WebMD – Do you have strange symptoms and you want to know what they mean?  Try wedmd’s Symptom Checker to see what might be going on with you.  They also have a ton of medical information and health articles – it is a highly informative site.

11.  DogEared – DogEared is a book blog for kids where kids can read and leave reviews for books they have read.  Some of their most popular book categories are adventure, series books, mysteries, family, and school.

12.  Plan a garden – This is a free online garden planner from Better Homes & Gardens.  They have customizable garden layouts, structures like ponds that you can add to your plan, as well as a large assortment of plants and trees.  So can save your plan and come back to it later, and you can also print it out.

13.  The Great Kindness Challenge: Although the official day has passed for the Great Kindness Challenge, it is still a great idea and worth pursing every day of the year.  It is geared towards kids and they have a downloadable checklist with 50 random acts of kindness ideas.

14.  5min – 5min is a site filled with videos to help you with your projects. They have to how-to videos, instructional videos, and DIY solutions.

15.  Instantwatcher – This is a free site that is perfect for Netflix subscribers.  It shows the most popular Netflix titles in the last 24 hours, New & Noteworthy titles, as well as the most recently queued titles.  It is a great way to get new ideas for what to watch.

16.  Ourgroceries – Ourgroceries is something that our family uses on a regular basis.  It is a very simple way to create a grocery list online and sync it with your smartphone.   Create a free account for your family, add the stores where you shop, and create lists.  If you are out of milk, add it to the list.  When the kids see that you are out of something, instead of telling you, they can go online and add it to the list. When it is time to go shopping, you can open the app on your smartphone and take the list to the store with you. You can also text the list to your phone.  As you put items into your cart, use the app to cross items off the list.

17. – Plaxo is a free online address book that keeps all of your contacts in one place.  It can import contacts from your email address book as well as social networks, and will recognize duplicate contacts.  It also syncs to your smart phone so you’ll always have access to your contacts!

18. – Do you ever wish you could learn from an expert about a DIY home improvement project?  Hometips may be your solution!  The site contains over 3000 articles on home improvement and repair.  They also have a forum where you can talk to others about your projects.

19. – With gas prices going up, going down, and generally being inconsistent, gasbuddy is a great solution for finding the best prices in your area.  Simply put your zip code into the search box, and gasbuddy gives you the prices of gas as the various stations in your area.  Click a link next to the name, and gasbuddy connects you to a map and directions so you can easily find the gas station.  There is also a gasbuddy app for your smartphone.

20.  Mint – Mint is a free online system for managing your personal finances. Mint connects to your bank account, credit card accounts, and other accounts that you set up.  It brings them all to one place so you can see the big picture. Because Mint keeps track of your spending, it also helps you create a budget.  You can set up reminders to let you know when a bill is due, when your balance is running low, and many more options. Because security is a huge issue with online sites, you can rest easy knowing that Mint is highly secure with bank-level security.

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