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Frugal Costumes

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On a budget this year? Here are some fun frugal ideas for creating your own costumes.

Purple Grapes Adult Costume Bunch of Grapes: You can be either a bunch of purple grapes, or a bunch of green grapes with this fun costume. Dress in either tights or sweatpants and sweatshirt. Blow up balloons and safety pin them to the clothing, covering completely. Make a green hat out of felt, or use a green stocking cap to top off the costume.

Clown: Making a clown costume is fun and easy, and the best part is there are no rules. Wear clothes with wild patterns and bold colors, and the more the pieces don’t match, the better. Stuff socks in the toe of Dad’s big shoes, purchase an inexpensive small red rubber clown’s nose, and fix your hair in a crazy style (or wear an inexpensive wig). To find clothes, visit a thrift store and look for pieces such as loud plaid tie, brightly colored shirt, suspenders and baggy pants. White face paint and red lipstick around the mouth completes the costume.

Bag of Jelly Beans: Depending upon the weather, dress in brightly colored sweatshirt and sweatpants, or tights with a bodysuit. Blow up small colorful balloons and safety pin balloons all over top of sweatshirt. An optional final step is to wrap cellophane paper (or any type of clear wrap) around the jelly beans to make a bag.

Scarecrow: Dress your child in a flannel shirt and overalls. Stuff either raffia or straw into the collar, hem and cuffs so the straw is sticking out. Take an old hat and glue straw and raffia to inside of hat so when worn it will hang down like hair. You can add some face paint if you like.

Ancient Roman: To make the toga you will need a rectangular white piece of material. An extra sheet will work well. To construct, one end of the toga is draped over the left shoulder so it hangs between the the calf and ankle. Next, bring the rest of the material around under the right arm, across the back and throw over the left shoulder. The remaining material is draped along the arm towards the left foot.

To make the roman headdress, take a piece of elastic and measure to fit your child’s head. Sew 2 ends together. From a leaf pattern, trace leaves onto gold paper and cut out. Fasten the gold leaves from end to end around the headband and secure with glue or sew.

Mummy: Dress your child in a tight t-shirts and shorts. Next, using toilet paper, wrap your child up completely using toilet paper. Leave a hole for eyes, nose and mouth. Secure the ends by tucking them into the wraps, or taping them down with scotch tape. I also suggest using the thickest toilet paper you can find. Using cheap toilet paper is not worth the aggravation – it tears very easily.

As an alternative to toilet paper, use an old sheet cut into strips to wrap around child.

Hobo: Take an old pair of pants and cut slices up the legs making large fringe. Sew bandana patches on the knees of the pants and use a rope for a belt. A large tattered suit coat makes a great jacket. Sew bandana patches on the elbows and dirty it up by cutting a few holes in it and fraying them. Wear old scuffed shoes. Use brown eyeshadow or eyebrow pencil to color in a beard, and dirty up your face.

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    Cute ideas, Candace!

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