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How to Save Money on Groceries with Coupons

It is normal to find these days that just about everyone is looking for ways to cut costs and reduce expenses. Frugality is about making the very most of all the resources available. All too often in life we begin working simply to live; we struggle to just get by in the day to day. While we may not be able to control all financial difficulties that life throws our way, we certainly can make choices to help alleviate their effects.

You’ve Got a Friend in Frugality:  Coupons

When it comes to day to day expenses none can feel as constricting as the money we all must spend on groceries. If you are seeking to live a more frugal life, one great tool at your disposal is the use of coupons. According to financial studies, a typical family can cut up to 20 percent of their monthly grocery expenditures by doing nothing more than seeking out coupons for the very same products they would buy anyway. By spending a little time searching over coupon websites you will certainty find great discounts available for many of your favorite products.  With a little organization and planning the everyday use of  coupons will become a standard habit.

Coupon Tips

Here are some helpful tips to consider taking when you choose to explore the wonderful power of coupons.

1.  Keep everything organized. When it comes to frugality, the organized shopper is always king.

  • Find a safe and secure place for your coupons.  Coupons are usually nothing more than tiny sheets of paper which can easily be lost if not kept in a safe and secure place. Take advantage of an unused cabinet or drawer and designate it the coupon haven. This will save you the time and energy of always seeking out where you last left your coupon book.
  • Keep coupons in your car!  Frugality is about more than saving money; let’s be honest, time is a commodity as well. Consider safely storing your coupons in an unused compartment of your car. Every time you go out to shop, your money saving coupons will be right by your side. No matter how much you want to be frugal, if you forgot your coupons at home, then they are of no use you when it comes time to purchase your groceries.

2.  Know your prices.

Another great tip in frugality requires nothing more than a little research on your part. Know the real prices of the products you buy. Yes, using coupons can really make a great deal of savings for you; but you should spare some time to be knowledgeable with the current prices in the market. Saving 5 dollars on laundry detergent sounds wonderful right, but not at the expense of paying 8 dollars more. The frugal shopper is the wise shopper and they always compare prices before using their coupons.

3.  Use coupons wisely.

The frugal shopper not only uses their coupons for savings, they use them wisely. Just because you have an amazing coupon it does not mean that you must have the item. Focus on the things that you would buy regularly. In times of frugality, you must learn how to prioritize your wants and needs. Pay close attention only to items that you truly need.

4.  The last tip for the frugal shopping warrior: Look for the double saving bonus.

Some stores will offer promo coupons of their own apart from the coupons that you can get online and from product manufacturers. By shopping in these stores, you will potentially be able to purchase your everyday products while using not one, but two coupons. Now that is some frugal living!

When it comes to frugal living, the use of readily available free coupons is epic. Wise coupon use, coupled with organization and planning is the key to making your way in to the wonderful world of frugality.

About the Author: This article was written by Cynthia Waverly, a stay-at-home mom of 2 who loves saving money with sales, deals and coupons; and helping others do it as well.

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  1. 1
    Johnette says:

    I can’t stress enough how important organization is with coupons. You wouldn’t imagine the times I’ve had the opportunity to use a coupon and either couldn’t find it or had left it somewhere. A coupon buried in your desk drawer at home doesn’t do you much good in the grocer store 🙂

  2. 2
    valerie29 says:

    I recently discovered you can buy coupons on e bay. It’s a good way to get the coupons you need in bulk. Check it out.