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Starting a Pet Sitting Business from Home

According to Molly Locklin of, “Opening up a pet sitting business is a fantastic way to turn your love for animals into a little extra cash. This type of business becomes more popular each year, and many people are even turning it into a full time career.

Pet sitting businesses are great because they are scalable: you can start with a handful of dogs and grow as much as you want over time. One of the things most people don’t realize, is that there is much more to professional pet sitting than simply walking and playing with your client’s pets. This is a real business opportunity if you will take the time to learn the secrets to one of today’s fastest growing pet businesses!

Molly Locklin is the author of several pet business related ebooks and DVD’s such as The Pet Sitting Manual, The Doggie Day Care Manual, the Doggy Bakery E-book, Pet Sitting Business DVD’s and more! Visit her at

Starting a Pet Sitting Business from Home

Starting a pet sitting business is a growing work from home business that provides opportunities for both adults and responsible kids to do something they love – working with, and taking care of pets.  A pet sitting business is something the whole family can enjoy and participate in.

With dual-income households becoming more and more the “norm,” there is an increasing need for pet sitting businesses. If you are looking for a work from home business with little investment needed,  pet care business opportunities abound in many forms:

  • Daytime in-home visits while owners are at work
  • Daily walks of pets for shut-ins (dog walker)
  • In-home pet care while owners are away on vacation or visiting
  • Pet “Day-care” at your home
  • Pooper-scooper service

Here is free report from the American Pet Products Manufactures Association on pet ownership statistics and trends.

Read this newspaper article from the StarTribune titled “Entrepreneur makes a success of dog camp”

If you have already started your pet sitting business, add your pet sitting business to a national directory and be notified of pet sitting and dog walking assignments in your area. Click here if you are looking for a pet sitter.

Need Help Getting your Pet Sitting Business Started?
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How to Start a Pet Sitting Business


Tips and Resources
Today, many pet owners are so busy that their pets run the risk of being unintentionally neglected. To combat this problem more and more pet owners are looking to pet sitting to help keep their pets happy and entertained while they are gone for the day or away on business/vacation.   As the demand for pet sitters increases, the benefit from starting your own pet sitting business increases along with it!

If you are in doubt about how “real” Pet Sitting is as a business, it has it’s own national organization, the National Association of  Pet Sitters.  If you want to take pet sitting to the next level, a doggy day care business may be what you are looking for.

A pet sitting business is not  a terribly difficult business to get into.  You can work out of your own home and sit the pets in the owner’s homes or at your house. Start-up costs for a pet sitting business are pretty low, mainly printing cards, flyers and other advertising.  Starting a website for your new business could bring in a lot of new clients.

Other than that, what you need as a pet sitter is a love of animals. It is important that you know about, can get along with, play with, and entertained many types of pets because pet owners today don’t just have dogs and cats. As a pet sitter, you will called upon to care for everything from rats to snakes to birds, not to mention dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish and lizards! You need to remember that many pet owners consider their pets to be like family.

If you are interested in how to start a pet sitting business, or if you are looking to take your pet care business to the next level, the materials by Molly Locklin (below) and by Kristin Morrison (on our pet sitting business resources page) are great resources at reasonable rates.

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    Kirsten Nelson says:

    Hello. I am incredibly interested in starting my own pet sitting buisness, but like many others, don’t know how to start. I am currently located outside of Washington DC in Northern Virginia and there is an incredible amount of competition. I am working for a local pet sitting company and have been working in this buisness for over 7 years. How do I stand out in the crowd when there is so much competition out there? I have also been considering becoming a professional pet trainer to broaden my horizons. Any information or advice would be helpful. Thank you
    Kirsten Nelson (505)553-2925

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    edelia says:

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    Shirley Martin says:

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