Frugal Mom's Guide to Once a Month Cooking



"We loved the asparagus soup! It was so easy to prepare.  I made good ol' hot water cornbread to go with it.  Definitely will do again!" -Cindyloo

"Warning - if you are looking for a mac & cheese recipe that tastes like the mac & cheese from the blue box, then this isn't it!  This recipe for homemade Macaroni & cheese have have you licking the pan clean - it is that good." - Candace

"The hot dog casserole was super easy to prepare and the kids loved it!" -Cindy

"The Broccoli Burgers were great.  Easy, quick and I will be making these again." -Scarlett

"The Cheesy Double Baked Potatoes are wonderful and so easy to reheat.  Not only do we enjoy having them as a dinner side, my kids love to have them for snacks."

"I prepared and froze the Egg Casserole this last weekend.  The only thing I did different

 was put it into 2 8x8 pans.  It was wonderful - I wouldn't change a thing." -Cindyloo

"The Stuffed Peppers were great!  Very easy to prepare, and super easy on cooking day.  We really liked them!" -Tammy

"I made the Blueberry Pancakes earlier this week and have been eating them in the mornings...they are yummy and reheat really well.  They reheat well in the microwave, or if you want them crunchy put them in the toaster. " -Cindy

"I prepared the Egg Burritos last weekend and it was soooo easy.  I never thought to freeze breakfast burritos.  They were definitely a hit!  i will do this more often.  I brought them to work this morning and everyone loved them.  Will do again!"  -Cindyloo

"The English Muffin Pizzas are a great recipe Candace!  My daughter and I made these together last night in kind of an assembly line effect.  They were a big hit, were SUPER easy to make, and took very little time." -Rachel

"I made and froze the English Muffin Pizzas last week, and last night after coming home my husband heated up half a dozen for him and the boys - all three loved them!  My husband said they were vey good, bottom was crispy and they tasted fresh." -Vicky

"The boys scarfed down the Pork Tenders." -Cindy

"The Pork Chop & Stuffing Casserole was easy to prepare!  It was absolutely delicious.  I would definitely put this one on the make often list." -Judy

"The Teriyaki Orange Ribs were very easy to prepare and the ribs were soooooo good!" -Cindyloo

"The Country Style Ham Casserole was very easy to put together and tasted fantastic!! I'll be making this one again for sure!" -Tammy

"The Angel Pork Chops are absolutely delicious.  They defrosted just fine, and baked u beautifully.  The taste was out of this world for something so simple to prepare.  Wow!  This one's a winner." -Judy

"Mama's Chicken is a great recipe with easy directions.  Will be great as leftovers too." Keri

"The Orange Chicken was very good.  Rice and carrots were a perfect side for this dish." -Judy

"We had the Orange Chicken last night with some fried rice.  Oh it was so YUM-O as Rachel Ray would say." -Cindyloo

"The Chicken Cordon Bleu was very easy to put together, and tasted fantastic.  we'll definitely have this again." -Tammy

"My son and I ate the Fiesta Chicken last night.  He has requested we have this EVERY time he comes home!  He is such a picky eater that I will definitely keep this one on hand!" -Cindyloo

"The Chicken Dijon makes a wonderful batch of sauce with the chicken.  It tastes wonderful served over noodles or rice."

"The Family Chicken Casserole was very yummy, and the flavor was great." -Janette

"We just finished u the Curry chicken, and the chicken was melt-in-your-mouth tender.  I LOVE curried anything, so I ate way too much.  Another hit!" -Judy

"I found the Easy Chicken Parmigana very easy to prepare and it smelled so yummy.  The chicken Parmigana was delicious - it was so good.  I will definitely make this again.  how wonderful it was to come home, throw dinner in the oven with next to no effort." -Heather

"I fixed the Chicken Tetrazzini last night and it was wonderful!  The family was shocked that I had dinner ready so fast and I DIDN'T use the crock pot.  I added 1 1/2 cups of cheddar cheese because we are big cheese eaters.  i will prepare this again!" -Cindyloo

"I loved the Sweet Barbeque Chicken Drumsticks!!  I used the full 1 1/2 cups brown sugar in the sauce.  The directions were so easy to follow." -Becky

"Sesame Chicken was awesome!" -Cindy

"We ate the Chicken Quesadillas the night before last.  Everyone loved them, but thought it would be better without the tomatoes.  So we are leaving them out next time.  It was a winner in our house and I will make them again!" -Rachel

"The Chicken Nuggets turned out great!  Everything was easy to follow and they tasted soooo much better than the old frozen kind." -Becky

"The Baked Herbed Chicken was a hit!  The chicken was very moist and juicy, and everyone like the coating.  My husband especially liked that it was a light bread coating and not a thick one.  My son loved it, and my daughter, the world's pickiest eater who isn't especially wild about chicken, really, really liked it.  I will definitely make it again - definitely a winner!" -Vicky

"I prepared and froze the Lemon Chicken on Sunday and defrosted and baked it tonight.  It was very easy to put together, and they were very tasty.  My son had two helpings.  I would make it again!" -Julie

"The Lemon Chicken had a very mild, delicate flavor, very moist and juicy." -Vicky

"The Beef Fajita marinade was very simple to prepare and took about 5 minutes" - Judy

"We will definitely do the Mexican Beef Casserole again - it was easy to prepare as well as put together for dinner.  We all enjoyed it - there wasn't enough leftover to have for lunch the next day. I would say that tells how much we all liked it!" -Cindyloo

"The Stuffed Burger  Pockets were very easy to put together.  They were tasty and easy. -Julie

"The Family Sandwiches were a BIG hit.  They are delicious.  Very easy to make and had enough for everyone." -Keri

"The Crock Pot Beef was great!  Very easy recipe to follow and the whole house smelled great.  My kids ate every bite." -Keri

"We had this Sweet & Sour Chicken and it was yummy - everyone love it!  I do have to say that I had never made sweet & sour sauce from scratch before and this is delicious, quick, and easy." -Lisa

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