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Dear Reader,

I was sitting on the front stoop of our little brick row home, my seven-week-old baby on my lap, when my husband came home and told me he'd just lost his job.

Instead of panicking, we went out for sushi.

Were we in denial? No. Just lucky enough to have a recession-proof contingency plan that will earn me close to $100,000 this year, working from home.

I don't know what my husband and I would have done if I had a garden-variety career. Over the past three years, I've watched so many friends lose jobs. Some like us with a brand-new baby, some with two or three little kids, some with college-bound teenagers... it's overwhelmingly stressful...

Yet when it happened in our house, I simply made a few phone calls to let people know I wasn't taking the year off, after all. Within two days, I'd lined up enough work to more than pay our bills.

We were able to turn what could well have been an absolutely horrible year into a fabulous one.

I worked "full time"... but I took a break every three hours to nurse my baby. And I knocked off when I felt like it to take the little guy out for a walk or to meet another mom at the park. We spent a month in Colorado and Nebraska visiting family. We went to the beach for a week. We got the baby a passport and took him to France, Belgium, and Germany for nearly a month...

I'm a copywriter by trade, and with this job it doesn't matter what the economy does. My work is steady. And I'm my own boss, so I never have to worry about being downsized.

I make my own hours. I take every Friday off to spend with my little boy. I go on vacation when I feel like it... not when it's convenient for somebody else.

I feel very lucky. Not a day goes by when I don't think: "I've got the best job in the world."

And just about anybody can do it. If you can write a simple letter, you can learn the secrets of this craft. And you could be on your way to enjoying a quality of life most people only dream about.

You could work from wherever in the world you choose... the hours you prefer... and earn the kind of income doctors and lawyers earn -- without the expensive degrees or the stress.

Really, you don't need even a college diploma to be successful in this business. Two of the most accomplished (and well-paid) copywriters I know started out as a carpenter and a grocery stock-boy. Today they each earn over $400,000 a year -- one from his beach house in Miami and the other from his farm in Vermont.

If you crave more control over your time and your life… a better balance of family and friends and work... a level of job security nearly unheard of elsewhere... the possibility of real wealth... then take a look at the following letter I wrote. It will tell you all about what I do… and how you can learn this trade, too.

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Jennifer Stevens