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Disciple's Cross

* I am currently investigating Disciples Cross.  I have received information from one of our Frugal Mom visitors that this company may not be a good opportunity to pursue.  I will share more information when I have it.     -Candace

Disciple's Cross is a work from home opportunity that is perfect for the stay at home mom.  When you sign up you receive a starter kit that teaches you exactly how to make the crosses.  Then you can make how many or how few necklaces that you want - there is no quota to meet.  What is nice also about this program is you don't have to order a certain amount of supplies to stay active.  Once you purchase the starter kit you may work your business as you please. Disciple's Cross is a work from home opportunity that is perfect for the stay at home mom!

Testimonial from one of our Frugal Moms (from a post on our message board)! 

Hello Fellow Frugals,
I ordered my kit on a Thursday Afternoon. 9 days later -- on Saturday morning we recieved the kit.

The design is not complicated if you enjoy doing puzzle type assembly. The video Pastor John sends is very informative and easy to follow. He makes the crosses look SIMPLE! The most complicated part of it I have found is doing the tear drop loops at the top of the cross for the necklace. You need an excellent pair of needle nose pliers for this part. Paying attention to detail is essential, just as it would be with any other job.

Another catch to this --- My husband, who is an automechanic by trade and work is slow, out of curiousity started making the crosses before I could get to them. He is keeping himself busy doing them while I help do other things with them that he didn't master. He bends the nails and assembles them, I do a clear coat dip on them and the necklace assembly (it has a slip knot my husband has not grasped yet) , tagging and packaging them. 

As a profit -- yes, they are an at home business! We have already sold two and have an order for 25 from our neighbor who does kiosks in different gift shops in our area. I already have one shop that I will have to supply crosses to, and another that I am waiting on for approval from the owner/manager. Both of which I am not worried about currently because with just learning, our production is not up to the same speed that Pastor John's is. And he is amazingly fast at making them. My husband's speed is already improving -- he can produce one in about 10 minutes. 

Pastor John is a wonderful person to talk to as well. I had a question for him and he was honest and helpful in a cheerful manner. My question was this -- I ordered the kit for me to make the crosses. My husband basically took over the kit. There is an agreement in the kit that you are required to return. Since the kit was adressed to me and it's my husband making them how do we handle this? Pastor John told me that when production between the two of us was over the 400 per week that we would need to order another starter kit and sign my husband up then. Very flexible if you ask me. 

You may sell the crosses under the Disciples Cross name. You are not required to return them to Disciples Cross if you want to make it more profitable for yourself. The one thing I would stress with this is to make sure you are making the crosses to the specks they require for shipment out of their home base. Once you have the hang of it -- practice is the key here -- they are easy to make how they want them. 

The crosses are beautiful and unique. The supplies are shipped quickly and the entire Disciples Cross Team is pleasant to work with. 

Guaranteed Buy Back Program

From the Disciple's Cross website  "Our Guaranteed Buy Back Program ensures that you never have to leave the comfort of your home to earn a healthy income. When you send in your finished crosses, I will pay you $1.25 for each cross that meets our quality standards, plus an additional $1.00 each for material reimbursement. I will also send you up to $5.00 per unit of 50 as reimbursement for your mailing expenses."

Would you like more information?  Visit Disciples Cross Today! 

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 Disciples Cross

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