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Doggie Day Care

 How to Start a Doggie Day Care Business

Is a Doggy Dare Care Business For You?

Some of the reasons you may be considering starting your own doggie day care business are because you love dogs and want to be in business for yourself. Or maybe you want to take more control over your own life and are simply sick and tired of the corporate world. Perhaps you want to offer more than just pet sitting at someone else's home, you want to offer an upscale day care experience for dogs and their owners.

While these are perfectly good reasons to consider this business, it's important to take a realistic look at the rewards as well as the challenges of starting a doggie day care business and what you should look at to determine if you have the "right stuff".

Dog Day Care - A Growing Opportunity

First, let me say that focusing on the doggie day care business is a smart choice since the shifting demographics in the United States show lots of promise for this type of a service.

According to the American Pet Product Manufacturers Association, Pet owners are expected to spend over $40 Billion on their pets in 2007 and that number is expected to continue to grow at the current rate of 5% per year!  (Read the APPMA report

The typical doggy day care client is a household with two adults who both work and have no children. These two-income "families" have, in effect, made the dog the child of the family and are quite willing to pay for day care to insure their pet's happiness and well being. These types of owners know that a happy dog is a tired dog and understand the pitfalls of leaving their dogs home alone all day while they're away at work.

With 38% of all households owning at least one dog, this positive trend of more dogs and less time bodes well for the the future of a doggie day care business. 

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Who Is Successful in The Doggy Day Care Business?

People in the doggy daycare business come from a wide variety of backgrounds. What they all share is a love of dogs, a desire to run their own business, are self-motivated and have good people skills. While dogs will be your focus during the day, keeping the person on the other end of the leash happy is just as important. No dog has ever been known to write a check!


Frugal Mom Book Review: Doggie Daycare Manual

Our review of the Doggie Daycare Manual by Molly Locklin is a very positive one. This is a quality ebook filled with good solid information presented in a clear and easy to understand format.  The book is very balanced in its approach, highlighting the fun aspects of the business while clearly identifying the challenges.  The book covers everything from from the business case and startup costs to location, staffing, equipment and supplies.  If you are considering providing quality pet day care as a real business, you should read this book on how to start your own doggy day care.  More Information


More Doggy Day Care Business Resources

Doggie Day Care Business DVD - New Release - now shipping!

This is our most-requested DVD and is packed with the latest industry information, facts, resources, statistics, tips and much, much more. More Info  

How to Own and Operate A Dog Daycare by Robin Bennet

This two-hour DVD is an edited version of a day-long seminar for potential daycare owners. Geared toward new owners as well as those who are considering opening a daycare center. Robin Bennett is the owner of All About Dogs, Inc. - the largest dog training company in Virginia. She has successfully owned and operated her own dog daycare for many years. More Info

All About Dog Daycare... A Blueprint for Success by Robin Bennett

Work for yourself in the company of dogs. Enter the new and growing field of dog daycare! 182 page book. Whether just starting your daycare career or a seasoned veteran in the industry, this 182 page book provides proven techniques to give you a blueprint for success. More Info 

Building, Buying and Operating a Boarding Kennel

Newly updated!  Building, Buying and Operating a Boarding Kennel This 178 page book, written by Jim Krack, CKO, CAE, Executive Director of ABKA, with the prospective kennel owner in mind, is filled with information and suggestions on everything from obtaining financing to establishing the right bookkeeping system. More Info

The Ultimate Doggie Day Care Business Bundle

Kick start your Doggie Day Care Business today with the most comprehensive 3-Part information package available anywhere Get the How to Own and Operate A Dog Day Care DVD, the The Doggie Day Care Business DVD, and the Doggie Daycare Manual and save $10.  ...More Info


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