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eBay Dropshippers:

Dropshipper Solutions for Selling on eBay.

Using Dropshippers is a way for you to sell products from your home without carrying any inventory.  The way dropshipping works is basically this: you sell the product and then the wholesaler or distributor (also know as the dropshipper) ships the item to your customer for you (this is called dropshipping). You don't ever handle the product or maintain inventory, the dropshipper does it all for you.  It sounds like a perfect solution - you set up the auction, you collect the money and the dropshipper handles the shipping and stocking of inventory. The problem that most of us have faced is - how to find the products to sell and how do we find legitimate dropshippers. Dropshipper solutions for selling on eBay are easy to find with these tools.

The problem with finding legitimate dropshippers.  

Real dropshipper solutions for selling on eBay.  When I first began researching dropshipping, I just went to Google and put dropshipping in as my search term and got lots of hits.  I was excited because there were so many choices.  Let me warn you from my mistakes - all the dropshipping places you find on the web aren't what they appear to be.  Sadly there are many, many scams out there and lot of people who want to get in between you and the true distributor to make a profit.  They will advertise themselves as distributors.  Then when you place an order with them, they turn around and place the order with the true distributor.  You end up paying the middleman when you could have gone directly to the distributor yourself.  Real dropshipper solutions for selling on eBay save you time and money.

You want to avoid the dropshipper scams. 

I would recommend, at this point, that you watch some free videos from the Worldwide Brands Video Center on drop shipping and starting your own work from home, internet-based business.  These videos are absolutely wonderful and it exposes scams that can cost you thousands of dollars!  For more information on drop ship scams, view the drop ship scam watch page.


Where do I find Dropshippers?

If you are serious about making money online through drop shipping, I suggest you become a member of Worldwide Brands.  It will be one of the best steps you make towards a successful start to your business. It is highly recommended by Frugal Mom - I've been a member for several years.

So what is Worldwide Brands? 

Worldwide Brands is a membership site that offers everything you need to get your business successfully up and running.   All of the benefits are too numerous to mention, but here are a few highlights:

  • Immediate access to over 8 million wholesale products.

  • Instant access to research on the best products to sell online.

  • Resources for setting up your business and getting a Sales Tax ID in your state.

The Whole $ale Ebiz Education (a $399 value) is also included in the membership and includes:

  • 19 videos to jump start your e-biz

  • 19 comprehensive workbooks that EXPAND on each video course

  • Interactive Self-testing modules that show you what you’ve learned, and what you need to review to insure your success.

  • Real-world Exercises that teach you in understandable terms what each Course means and how it applies to your business.

  • Specifically targeted Resources for each course that tell you how to expand your knowledge even further, and find the TRUSTED places to go when you need information on other subjects.

Other Benefits included for a limited time:

  • Selling on Amazon Bonus - 1st 2 Months Free (a $79.98 value)

  • Yahoo! Stores Bonus - 1st 6 Months Free (a $779.70 value)

  • Free Copy of QuickBooks with Merchant Account Setup (a $199.95 value)

All of that, and MORE is included with your membership to Worldwide Brands

At this point you're probably wondering about the cost.  Right now, the one time price, which gives you lifetime membership, is $299.00.  Perhaps that sounds like a lot of money to you, especially if you are a frugal mom like me, but please take my word - it is worth every penny (and they do offer a payment plan).  Because I have been a member of Worldwide Brands for years, I can honestly say I wouldn't enter into this business without becoming a member.

  Contact me if you have any questions - I'd love to help you in any way that I can!

If you'd like to find out more about selling on eBay, visit our Work from Home with eBay page!  Our page on drop shippers.

One more thought...

Website Selling:  Another way you can use a dropshipper would be to sell your product from your own website.  Let's say I decide to open up Frugal Mom Baby Store.  In my store I sell baby strollers, car seats and baby toys.  A customer visits my online store and purchases a stroller for $79.00.  They pay the $79.00 plus an additional $15.00 for shipping and handling.  I would then email my distributor and place an order for one stroller to be shipped to my customer.  The distributor packages up the stroller and charges me $49.00 for the stroller, $10.00 for shipping and $5.00 for the dropship fee.  I have made $30.00 on the sale.  I didn't need to stock inventory, package up the stroller or arrange for shipping.  All I did was send an email!  

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