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Write an eBook!

I have been a stay at home mom for about 6 years and during this time I have been searching for just the right thing to do from home that would earn money. I had always dreamed of having my own product to sell. Having my own product would allow me to make the most money and would give me complete control over all aspects of production and selling. The Internet was quickly becoming a great place to market my product and I certainly had the time to develop my product. My problem however, was that I could not come up with an idea for a product. I tried different craft ideas, homemade magnets and even doggie biscuits but none of them were “it”. I also discovered that it is very expensive to develop your own product. I had ideas for software but I didn’t have a clue as to how to develop software. Then, quite by mistake, I stumbled upon the idea of writing an eBook.


I bought an eBook (go figure!) on how to write and eBook and I’ll share with you some of what I learned. First and foremost - the greatest thing about writing an eBook is that knowledge is key. All of us have at least one topic (most people have lots) locked up inside our heads that is valuable to someone else. We have done things, experienced things, thought about, researched, and lived…many different things. And there are people who want to know about these things! Everything you need to write an eBook you already have - you just need to be taught how to unlock it. You need to be taught how to publish an eBook, how to market an eBook, how to sell an eBook on the Internet. The eBook that I bought is called MYKS! Which stands for Make Your Knowledge Sell. It is 337 pages long and is packed with valuable resources. There is a section on generating ideas, a section of 50 really hot ideas for eBooks, it teaches you how to put the information together; all of your questions are answered. Basically it takes you step by step through building your eBook. It was written by Ken Envoy who is the author of MYSS! (Make Your Site Sell), a book that is generally accepted as the BIBLE of how to sell on the Internet.

So you’re probably wondering about my eBook aren’t you? It is still in the making…stay tuned!

Sell your Ebook!  Once you have your ebook written, you will want to sell it.  Clickbank Marketplace is a great place to sell your ebook.  They handle all of the payment processing and others (affiliates) can sell your book for you on their website.  For more information about selling your digital product, visit Clickbank.


Resources to help you write your ebook!




This is the book!  I love it and learned so much from it!




This is another product by the same author.  I don't have this one (although I have purchased 4 of his other books!)  but I have read incredible reviews of it!