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How to Cut Down on Household Expenses

Reducing your phone bill is an easy way for anyone to painlessly cut down on household expenses!

How We Saved Over $40 per Month on Our Phone Bill!

Now is a great time to re-evaluate your household budget. A good place to start  is by taking a long, hard look at the ways to cut down on household expenses. Perhaps the easiest way to cut down on household expenses can be realized by canceling your current phone company service and switching to a carrier that lets you cut household expenses by making calls over the Internet using a technology called Voice-Over-Internet Protocol (VOIP). Options like MegaPath hosted VoIP can provide high quality calls without a phone line.

VOIP provides the same or more features as your traditional phone service. While features vary by provider and plan, features such as call waiting, caller ID, voice mail, call forwarding, call block, and 3-2ay calling are common features, usually at no extra charge (unlike your phone company).  Additional features such as virtual phone numbers ( alternate phone numbers that ring the same phone), music on hold, voicemail to email, voicemail online, speed dial, and others may be available for free or added cost, depending on plan and provider.

Our Personal Experience with VOIP

We converted our home phone over a year ago and have been quite pleased with the result.  With our unlimited long distance, voice mail and other features from our local telco, we were spending over $60/month plus taxes.  We replaced this with exactly the same features from a VOIP provider for $24.95 per month.  In a year, we've had no more outages that from our regular phone service, call quality is great and we have no complaints at all.  We save at least $40/month and get great service!

For those who work at home (like us), VOIP is a great and inexpensive way to add a 2nd phone line for business that can easily have your company name as the caller ID!  With the Find Me/Follow me feature, your business phone can automatically find you at whatever phone you may be - great for having calls roll over to your cell phone if you don't answer the business line.

Great VOIP Plans Under $25

While some providers give you a set number of minutes in exchange for a monthly fee, most Internet phone calling providers advertise free local and long distance calling.  Depending on the package you buy, you can make free or deeply discounted calls anywhere in the world. There’s usually no difference between the fees charged for local or long distance calls, and international calls can be made for a fraction of what they’d cost otherwise.

Here are two highly rated (by users) VOIP providers with comprehensive plans for less than $25.00

VOIP - Internet Telephone ServiceVOIP.com

As of this writing, 200 minutes of usage per month was only $9.95 per month. Unlimited long distance to US and Canada with greatly reduced overseas rates only $19.95/month. For even better value, buy 12-months for $199 (averages out to $16.58 per month). Over 25 features (view all features) included in the price.



VoIP Your Life

As of this writing, plans as low as $14.95 per month. Unlimited long distance to US and Canada with greatly reduced overseas rates only $23.97/month. No term commitments. Approximately 24 features included in the price. Very highly rated by users.  Unlimited Overseas calls to 30 countries only $29.97 per month.


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