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Frugal Date Night

On the Frugal Mom Message Board, we've been brainstorming ways to have Frugal Date nights with husbands or significant others! Here are some ideas other Frugal Moms have come up with:

Go to a high school play or musical. Tickets are usually only around $5.00
Picnic in the park
Many parks have free concerts in the park
Restaurants.com has discounts on popular restaurants.
Plan a nice dinner at home and eat once the kids have gone to bed.
Rent a movie or better yet, borrow a DVD from your library
Take a walk together
Take a walk at the mall
Stop at McDonald's and get a dessert off of the dollar menu
Trade babysitting with a friend for a night alone
Go to the music store and reminisce about songs from when you first met
Play cards or a board game together
Visit the bookstore - browse the books and have a cup of coffee
Do a jigsaw puzzle

Any other ideas? We'd love to hear about them!