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Frugal Valentine's Day Gifts

by Candace Anderson

Are you looking for a gift idea that is both romantic and frugal?  The good news is, romantic doesn't have to be expensive.  You may be on a limited budget, but that doesn't mean you are on limited creativity. With a little brain juice, and a small amount of planning, you can come up with the ultimate romantic gift to give your sweetheart.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: You do not need to hire a professional photographer to give a professional looking picture of yourself. Digital cameras take beautiful pictures, and many people own one. If you don’t own a digital camera, you probably know someone who does. Have a friend come over to your house to take candid shots of you. Have your best pictures printed at a discount store or pharmacy, and display the pictures in an inexpensive frame or scrapbook.

Express yourself with a Poem: “If I had the jewels of the world, they could not outshine your smile, nor could mere riches make me happier than the sparkle of the love in your eyes.” My husband penned those words over 16 years ago and they serve to remind me of the love we share. If there is an Elizabeth Barrett Browning hiding inside you, write a love poem. A love poem is a lasting gift that will reveal your feelings in a beautiful verse.

The Famous Coupon Book: They are oh-so-easy to make, and your nearest and dearest will really appreciate your thoughtfulness and creativity. Whether you are giving coupons for future back rubs, a romantic dinner, or breakfast in bed, your darling is sure to appreciate this gift that keeps on giving.

Plan a Special Dinner: You may not have the luxury of dining out on special occasions, but you can certainly put together your own romantic dinner. If there are kids in your home, feed them and put them to bed early. To create a romantic atmosphere, set the table with your best tablecloth and dishes, make a bouquet with flowers from your garden, light a candle, play quiet background music, and serve a favorite dinner. You will both enjoy rekindling your love.

Romantic Movie Night: Spread out big blankets on your floor, pop some popcorn, light a fire, and snuggle up together with a romantic movie on DVD. Here are some all time favorite romantic movies: A Walk in the Clouds, Message in a Bottle, Pretty Woman, The English Patient, Gone with the Wind, Somewhere in Time, The Lake House, and Dr. Zhivago.

Spa Night: What can be more romantic than a spa night shared by the two of you. Put on your favorite CD, light candles all around the room and give each other body massages with scented oils and lotions. Follow your massage with a relaxing bubble bath, and toast your love with sparkling water or champagne served in fluted glasses.

Special Time Box: Cover a shoebox with colorful wrapping paper, and fill it with mementoes from a special time the two of you shared. This could be your wedding, a memorable vacation, the birth of a child, or any other special time the two of you shared. Set the mood with soft background music and go through the box together, reliving the special event together once again.

365 Reasons Why I Love You: Use a nice jar, basket or box to hold your love notes. Take 365 small slips of paper and on each one write a reason why you love your sweetheart. For an entire year, your sweetheart can be reminded of your love.

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