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Time & Money: Keeping the Two from Conflict

My wife and I used to cut coupons loyally to save our pennies on the dollar. We would get excited over saving a dime here, saving a dime there. As most coupon-cutters know, it takes a lot of time to cut coupons. As our lives got busier, our coupon savings got pushed aside.

That was a dozen years ago before the Internet. Today, parents have the opportunity to wisely save money without laboriously cutting and filing coupons. However, just like sitting at the dinner table for hours snipping coupons, the time can fly in front of a computer just the same. Here are some helpful tips on utilizing the Internet and this site to save money.

1. Utilize Bookmarks.

Bookmarks are likely the most underutilized tool of any browser. If you are using Internet Explorer, click "bookmarks" at the top of this screen and drop the menu down. You will see a list of links, one of which asks you to organize accordingly. Bookmark the pages that have bargain deals regularly, like FrugalMom's Coupon & Savings page (http://www.frugalmom.net/couponsshop.htm). This page is updated regularly with brand-specific names.

2. Visit pages that have products you like.

Frugal mothers should buy the product they trust and the products their families enjoy. Bookmark the "new bargain" pages and visit these pages as often as you would cut coupons in the non-Internet world. Shopping-Bargains.com has over a dozen pages of new coupons that is refreshed daily (http://www.shopping-bargains.com/coupons/default.cfm).

3. Take the time to search for coupons.

Like my wife and I rationalized early in our marriage, we didn't have the time to save money. The Internet has put this excuse to rest. Whenever we plan to go to the store, we will take our shopping list and do quick searches on our bookmarked sites. A few minutes clicking through the deals often leads to saving much.

4. Plan your outings around online bargains.

If you go out to pizza regularly at Pizza Hut, be sure to download their latest coupons. I

My wife and I have 13 children (see bio below), so getting out is definitely something we look forward to. We have our favorite outings like Pizza Hut and we often save 40-50% by taking a few minutes to download a bargain.

5. Buy tools that will help you save.

According to the USA Today, the percentage of households with broadband access grew to 62% in 2005 (January 11, 2006). My guess is that the 38% without broadband are frugal families like ours! An incredible amount of time can be saved by subscribing to a broadband service. The same argument can be made with computer speed and hard drive space. Sometimes spending some of your saved money can increase your time.

Chris Jeub is a freelance writer and publications owner (Monument Publishing)  in Colorado. He and his wife have 13 children (no, that's not a typo). Their family website can be found at www.jeubfamily.com.

Copyright 2006 by Chris Jeub.