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Some of the benefits I'm hoping for myself are: better complexion, stop the weight yo-yo, and better energy levels. I've been reading about getting the right nutrients from a vegan dietitian, and I'm really close in how I eat already, just tweaking things a bit. I've been using almond milk for years, & recently cut out cream in my coffee. I will miss butter and cheese the most, but I'm hoping I'll feel so good I won't mind so much :smiling: I'm on the fence about allowing myself one serving of greek yogurt once a week. I don't want to start making a bunch of "exceptions" but I think it's got some good stuff and one serving a week is very manageable. Yesterday was "day one". I'm really excited about this- it just seems so healthy and simple and makes a lot of sense for me. I know it's not for everyone, but it feels right for me. ]]>
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nutrasystem http://www.frugalmom.net/forums/showthread.php?23229-nutrasystem&goto=newpost Mon, 05 Dec 2011 18:01:47 GMT For one person, the nutrasystem works well. My lab work came back the best it's been since I was in my teens. I have had a lot of medical problems over the years and was in pretty bad shape lab wise, did one or two rounds of nutrasystem and it works. Would't work probably for more than one person because of the cost, but for me, it was cheaper than going to the grocery store as cooking for one doesn't taster so good now that I am alone. So I am going on through the winter with it.:yes: ]]> nbp2452 http://www.frugalmom.net/forums/showthread.php?23229-nutrasystem Time for a new challenge!! http://www.frugalmom.net/forums/showthread.php?23197-Time-for-a-new-challenge!!&goto=newpost Mon, 28 Nov 2011 21:02:24 GMT Ok. I'm thinking about signing up for this 5K/obstacle course thing with a friend of mine. Basically, it's on the side of a mountain and you do a bunch of obstacles across a 5K distance. I know I can do the 5K, although up a mountain might be tough and I can do some of the obstacles....but combined....whoa!!!

My dh (whose fit, LOL) did the Tough Mudder and this would be similar to that only way way way smaller. The Tough Mudder was 12 miles up and down a mountain with 25 obstacles including electrocution.....um, no thanks.

Am I insane?

Liz ]]>
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