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Default reduce-reuse-recycle

I love this idea! I am not sure what I can contribute at this time because reduce-reuse-recycle is so normal that I don't really think of it as being anything different. I honestly believe that all these harsh and new cleaners are creating the super bugs because we are not allowing our kids to develop resistance to normal bacterias and then over treating with antibiotics when the super bugs develop despite the 99.9% germ killing products. Just my opinion.

Limit driving into the city.

We use a well and septic. The gray water is pumped out into the field and we never EVER use harsh cleaners and chemicals except when we shock the well with bleach.

I use Denture tablets to clean the toilet. They must be environmentally friendly if you clean your teeth in them right? A package of 100 is pretty inexpensive and even with our hard water all I do is drop one tablet in, clean the rest of the bathroom with a wonderful green product called "Mint Neutral" and then when the rest of the bathroom is done, I give the bowl a swish with the brush and everything is sparkly clean. Easy peasy.

All floors (and when I get to them: walls) are cleaned with Mint Neutral. It is such a multi purpose cleaner...I use maybe 2 TBSP in a 5 gallon pail of water if the floors are bad. No streaks, no residue and it smells minty. It works in a spray bottle for stains on carpets too and is actually "supposed" to be for those industrial green carpet steam cleaning machines.

Flyers and paper/cardboard: We request no flyers in the mail but of course they always come so we have a big recycle bin and when it's full I burn it. Instead of stressing over paper that is already wasted anyway, I might as well use it for heat. We also burn any food boxes that haven't been used to wrap a gift. Whenever someone opens a gift from me, the box is for sure recycled and probably from a food product.

Clothing: At least 90% of our clothing and outerwear is bought used. It's probably higher but to be fair I will say 90%. When we are done with them or outgrown them and they are still in good shape, they are cleaned and sent to the shelter.

Bowl covers instead of plastic wrap.

to-go mugs instead of wasting a paper or styro cup from a restaraunt or coffee shop.

I can't really think of anything else right now but I hope it gives someone an idea to expand on or do themselves.

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