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Thread: Seriously...how much TP can a family use?!

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    Default Seriously...how much TP can a family use?!

    I swear we have gone through more TP this week than ever before it seems..and no one is sick or anything! I guess with all of us home on vacation it just goes more quickly, iknow that dd3 uses way more than her fair share...I think I may have to go in there and ration it out for her!
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    oh i know what you mean, we go threw so much here! its crazy.

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    I've noticed that during break too. Having 5 people home all day, every day, plus hosting Christmas and guests from out of town for much of the break, we have been flying through my recent stash from Costco. I thought it would last me till the spring!

    I had to impose a 4 square rule with the kids when they were young. I told them if they couldn't do the job with 4 squares, then flush the toilet and use four more. Little kids seem to use more and more and more without flushing in between. I have noticed fewer plunging events with this rule.

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    I have never tried just 4 squares....seems like not enough. There is some TP out there that has the amount needed all marked off already for the kids. Anyone know how many squares they 'allow".

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