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Thread: I think we have 3 girls??

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    Default I think we have 3 girls??

    Dd1 is 13 now *sigh* and I'm telling you we NEVER see her anymore!! Lol! It seems every weekend she is spending the night at a friends house, or going somewhere with a friend, none of this I mind, I love that she has such good friends to hang out with and they are making some great memories! But man oh man, I miss my baby girl!! I remember never being home at her age, always with friends and I'm so glad my mom gave me that freedom, I have the best memories of this fun time (you know before the "real" teen stuff starts). Her being gone so much now is actually making me stop and take in more of the time I get to spend with dd2 & dd3. They just grow too fast!!!
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    Sad isnt it!! I guess we start realizing that they are becoming what we work so hard to make them...independent little creatures. They start needing us less & less, and you realize the time you've had with them was just a flash, and the time you have left with them will go by in a blink. Boohooo

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