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Thread: Butter stretcher

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    Default Butter stretcher

    We don't use margarine, but the price of butter here is getting outrageous.
    This past week it was on sale for $2.65 lmt 2

    So I dug around and found a butter stretcher recipe. It is pretty good and makes the butter spreadable straight from the fridge

    1c of butter softened
    1/2c of liquid oil (olive, canola ect.)
    1/2c of room temperature water

    whip the 3 ingredients together till it is a light and fluffy, creamy mixture. Spoon into a container, and use like margarine.
    One recipe said that you could leave it out on the counter, but I found that the water sweated out of it. So I keep it in the fridge, and it is soft and spreadable. The whole family likes it.

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    Great tip! Thanks! Butter is ridiculous right now and just going up!
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    I've been crying over the price too. I need a ton of it for all the x-mas cookies I usually bake and have been watching it for agood sale for about a month. ugghhhh....no luck yet.


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    wow! great tip! we use butter too and the boys slather it on. I'll be trying this!

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    Thank you. I copied the recipe and put it in my computer cookbook under tips. I love ways to save money.
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    Great idea because I love butter but also keep soft margarine on hand.
    I'll try making this up to use when butter would be too hard, I always forget to take butter out a half hour before I need to spread it on something.

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