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Thread: Back to School

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    Default Back to School

    When do the kids start back? DD1 starts high school.....waaaaaaahhhhh....on August 9, dd2 starts middle school August 8 and dd3 goes back Aug 1. I go back next Thursday to prep for my little ones to come in Aug 1...this summer went way too fast!
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    The kids goes Aug. 24th.

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    DD starts her senior year August 30th! DS is taking a couple on-line college courses and working at the grocery store, but his real classes begin in a couple more weeks.

    We have band camp starting up in a couple weeks and the BBQ on the last day of it is what sets the ball in motion for the new school year. I gotta hang on tight because this is it for our high school years. But I'm sure DD will join the college band with her brother....for our family, the music never ends!!!
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    Our schools start back on August 22. That is DSs first day of college as well....and DHs birthday. So it is a BIG day for us! LOL

    I do have to go on the 15th for staff meeting, but only for half a day =) I earn comp time for that since it isn't a regular work day for me.
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    The kids start middle school on Aug 22nd. Although, we have already started prep for fall extracurriculars. So, it seems like summer really is winding down.

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    We don't start back until September.


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    Aug 10th. I am counting the days. All 3 of my children start the same day; high school and grade school. The day will be ALL mine.
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    My son is a freshmen in a private academy. Its hard when your son leaves and goes to a boarding school, but its what he wants and I support him 100%. He keeps on telling me how he loves it there because he feels welcomed and accepted for whatever flaws he has and the staffs there were also very accommodating and caring. I'm glad he is having fun and enjoying his new school.

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