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Thread: Any one still doing OAMC?

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    Default Any one still doing OAMC?

    If I'm understanding thread posting dates it doesn't look like anyone has posted in the OAMC section in almost a year. Is anyone still doing this? I'm interested in starting and would love some pointers!

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    I have tried to do OAMC once, but haven't done it again. I just didn't have the space in the freezer and the meals were a lot like leftovers, which I am not hugely fond of, but it did help with not going out to eat when we were pushed for time. I have about five casseroles that we really like so I cook them up and freeze so I have an easy meal for later. I buy meat/poultry in bulk and cook up a big batch of hamburger and chicken and put them in meal size portions and freeze, they work great for quick fix meals.

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    I have never really been able to OAMC. But I do prepare stuff in big batches. I'll cook up several lbs of hamburger and freeze in 1 lb packs. Or chicken in 4 breast packs. It's enough to cut down on assembly time.

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    I do. I love doing it. I am getting ready to make a list of what I am going to need for an OAMC day before we go on our trip to Disney World. We are going to have a full kitchen, so I am going to take meals that are homemade, but only need very little on meal day. My favorite thing to cook and freeze is hamburger. I also do sausage for pizzas. Would be happy to help with any questions you have.

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