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Thread: December Menus

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    Default December Menus

    What do you have planned for December? Are you having Christmas dinner at your house? Or maybe a Christmas party?

    Let's share our daily, weekly, bimonthly or monthly menus !

    Tammy~married to my sweetheart ~sahm to my pumpkin
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    December Menu
    1. Thanksgiving Repeat
    2. Football Party
    3. Merry Main Street
    4. Grand Prairie Lights
    5. Roast
    6. CORD
    7. BBQ beef sandwiches
    8. Chicken spaghetti
    9. Hamburgers
    10. Dance Convention
    11. BBQ Ribs
    12. Soup and sandwiches
    13. Kid’s Birthday
    14. Youth Group
    15. Chicken fried steak
    16. Chicken Parmesan
    17. Pizza
    18. Kid’s Birthday Party
    19. Fish
    20. Date Night
    21. CORD
    22. Six Flags Holiday in the Park
    23. Ski Trip
    24. Ski Trip
    25. Ski Trip
    26. Ski Trip
    27. Ski Trip
    28. Ski Trip
    29. Ski Trip
    30. Ski Trip
    31. Ski Trip

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    I forgot to post our menu. It actually started last Friday on the 2nd

    Friday - Burgers, Tater Tots
    Saturday - was supposed to be Chicken Casserole but we had too many tomatoes from the garden so I made Tomato Pie
    Sunday - Home Canned Roast Beef, Gravy, Mac and Cheese, Turnip Greens
    Monday - Bean and Cheese Burritos, Salad
    Tuesday - Sausage Gravy, Biscuits, Maple Carrots
    Wednesday - BBQ Home Canned Pork Sandwiches, Coleslaw
    Thursday - Leftovers or Heat and Eat
    Dirt Digger, Weed Puller, Laundry Washer, House Cleaner,
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    I did my big shop today as well as planned meals from now till New Years. I did things a bit differently, because I dont know the kids plans each day yet.. so I decided on a set number of meal.. bought the ingredients needed and we will have whatever works best of whichever day it is needed. Here is a basic idea. Take notice of all the comfort meals... I am in mothering mode again.

    Breakfast options.
    oatmeal..using often
    cerealtodays breakfast
    fruit using often
    applesauce bread making this AM
    monkey bread Made for dessert on Tuesday and having it with fruit for breakfast , only used half the sugar it called for.. no one noticed.
    baked donut holes
    eggs/bacon today
    creamed chipped beef had as a late lunch
    waffles yum
    pancakes. yum
    DH and I went out to breakfast yesterday and I have a sorority breakfast tomorrow.

    Lunch options
    crescent dogs with veggie tray Yup
    egg salad
    tuna melt Tuesday
    Italian chicken patty sandwich
    homemade beef vegetable soup
    chef saladTuesdays supper
    PB and J/fruit
    Burgers/veggie tray.
    tuna and noodles
    sliced turkey or chicken breast sandwichate leftover ones I had packed for trip to get DS
    grilled cheese grilled ham and cheese
    Pasta F a g i o l e... having this the day Gram comes to bakeyummy.. had for dinner also.
    chili with rice

    Dinner options
    Homemade turkey pot pie. noodles not a crust.. this is PA.. and applesauce had coleslaw with it instead
    beef stew and salad. In crock pot now.. smells yummy already
    spaghetti and salad. got 2 meals out of this.
    grilled pork chops, perogies, corn.
    Haluski... DS fav!.. Yum!
    meatloaf , homemade mac and cheese, string beans.
    pork and sauerkraut.. going to have this before NYE because of DS and DH traveling to take DS to catch flight for Dominican.. not the best thing to eat before a long car ride.. or flight. Didnt have.. will make when DH and DD return from trip
    bque chicken, baked potatoes, baked beans.
    shrimp, oven fries, salad.
    potato soup and garlic cheese biscuits
    leftovers lots of these
    Take out pizza.. grocery store party pizza $10!!!! Never did have.. saved that $10
    Christmas eve.. meat and cheese tray, macaroni salad, broccoli salad, cookies, fruit tray, and what others are bringing.
    Christmas Day.. making homemade rolls and pull apart herb bread to take to dinner as well as strawberry pretzel salad.
    We had roast beef in crockpot.. mashed potatoes and corn.. forgot to add it to this menu.

    attended a movie night party at a friends last night and the appetizers ( plenty!) were our supper. We are so full from holiday.

    plenty of fruit daily
    seasoned oyster crackers
    pizza dip
    salsa and chips
    rice crispie treats
    and of course... COOKIES! I baked WAY too many cookies again.. plus neighbors came bearing cookies again!
    veggies and dipdaily

    had so many Christmas goodies.. didnt really make extra snacks.
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    Holy moly!!!! I'm impressed. I don't think I could plan all that out like that. Or have the room to store it all.


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    I didnt cook it all at once... So the storing isnt that hard. We do have an extra fridge down in our basement that we use around the holidays when absolutely necessary. It isnt the most energy efficient thing.. but it works in a pinch.

    I am in the process of making turkey pot pie now... smells soooooo good.

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