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    Default TURKEY EGGS!!

    So I have a hen, and she keeps laying and laying and laying! I have about 2 dozen eggs in my refridgerator right now and I have no idea what to do with them. If they were chicken eggs, I think I could get my family to eat them a little easier, but for now I just bake them into everything I can think of. I just can't keep up. Anyone have any advice for me?

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    What about a quiche? That's a pretty egg intensive meal...and they probably wouldn't recognize what kind of eggs they were. Do they taste different?

    You could also make egg salad sandwiches, french toast....I add an egg to my meatballs or meatloaf, I find it helps hold the meat together.

    I also read somewhere that you can freeze eggs...I think you have to take it out of the shell first, but you could google and get all the specifics.

    We eat a TON of eggs in this house, almost every morning dd and I have egg sandwiches and dh likes omelets....so I'm soooooo jealous.


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    The eggs do NOT taste any different from chicken eggs, except the whites are much larger and the yolks are tougher. The shells are tough to break as well, but I suppose that's a good thing. I did use up quite a few yesterday making french toast, and I thought maybe I could make muffins and such and freeze those. Slowly but surely they're coming around I guess. Thanks for the reply!

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    When we had turkey eggs we would measure the whites and make angelfood cakes with them, and then use the yolks for homemade icecream.

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    Those are very good ideas too.

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    I have ducks and your turkey eggs sound like my duck eggs. I use them like chicken eggs with no problems.

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