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Thread: February Menus!

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    Red face February Menus!

    Let's share our weekly, bimonthly or monthly menus !

    What's on the menu for Valentine's day? Or will you be dining out?

    Tammy~married to my sweetheart ~sahm to my pumpkin
    Come visit me at my new blog!

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    2/1 corned beef and cabbage
    2/2 stroganoff meatballs , noodles, salad
    2/3 honey mustard chicken and bacon, baked potato, veggies @ lunch .. DH off.. I leave for conference after lunch
    2/4 Fridge full of previous meals leftovers to get DH thru the weekend.
    2/5 Super Bowl munchies when I get back.. frozen pizza, wings, ect
    2/6 Salmon, sweet potato fries, veggie
    2/7 open faced roast beef sandwiches, mashed potatoes
    2/8 grilled pork chops, pressed ranch potatoes, Tuscan bean salad.
    2/9 Taco Soup, salad, Flan
    2/10 garlic chicken, homemade mac and cheese, veggie
    2/11 turkey burger, oven fries, salad
    2/12 tuna and noodles, veggie
    2/13 lasagna, salad, garlic bread
    2/14 cheese steak salad
    2/15 Layered enchilada casserole, veggie tray
    2/16 crab cakes, apple carrot salad, potato salad
    2/17 Shrimp Alfredo, Caesar salad, garlic cheese biscuits.
    2/18 Valentines dinner at church.. Pasta F a g i o l e for DD who will be home from college
    2/19 Steak, fries, corn
    2/20 Pasta and sausage skillet, salad.
    2/21 Hungry girl Chinese chicken salad, pot stickers
    2/22 Pork roast, scalloped potatoes, broccoli and bean salad
    2/23 pork bque, fruit salad
    2/24 chili, rice, cornbread.
    2/25 spaghetti and meatballs, salad
    2/26 mushroom chicken salad over pasta, veggie
    2/27 potato soup, veggie tray
    2/28 Take out or leftovers

    I am sure there will be meals that wont be used because of having leftovers through the month.. so I will just move those to March.

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