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Thread: kitchen bling!

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    Default kitchen bling!

    I've been wanting/needing a new food processor and blender for a long time and have been wanting a stand mixer as well, so we decided to invest in some good kitchen equipment with some of our tax return. Here's what I'm getting :

    A kitchenaid stand mixer- I also got the grating, slicing, & other accessories so I can use it for slicing/ grating lots of veggies.

    A vitamax blender- besides regular blending functions, this makes whole foods blend to smoothies and makes incredibly creamy sauces, nut butters, grinds grains, and all the rest with a 7 year warranty. I have a friend who is ordering several of these for the restaurant she manages, so she is ordering one for me at their cost (about half!) It's still expensive, but together these two quality machines will replace several others and hopefully last longer than the cheaper food processors and blenders I've bought over the years. Besides, with our family eating more and more vegetables, I need some good tools!

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    Whoo hoo!! I've been wanting a Kitchenaid for years, but could never justify the cost for myself (even though dh says go for it!) One day, one day! Lol! Very cool that your friend is helping you out with the blender as well!
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    YAY - You are going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Kitchen Aid Mixer. I know I don't know what I did without mine all those years!! I think you are spending very wisely. I have friends who have the vitamix - and love it too. Can't wait to hear how you use them!

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    I saved my "extra" grocery money and finally bought my Kitchen-Aid mixer. I love, love, love it! I didn't get any attachments after doing some research on-line. Most didn't get good enough reviews for me to justify the expense. But I absolutely love the mixer. You'll be happy with the investment!

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    I bought a Kitchen-Aid a couple of years back on clearance....apparently puke brown didn't sell well, LOL. I LOVE IT. It's so awesome for cookie doughs and all those constant stir kinda recipes. And frankly, I don't care what color it is....

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    The kitchenaid arrived and has already been put to good use! First thing was a batch of oatmeal cookies- soooo easy! then I whipped up some homemade mayo- great results. the cookies went so fast I had to make another batch, but it literally took minutes. then tonight I put on the grater attachment and grated up a dozen carrots for carrot-ginger soup. It worked great- just as easy as a food processor and maybe a little better on the clean-up. It's gonna be another week or so until the vitamax is ordered- I can't wait to make some green smoothies!

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    I'm hoping to try out the dough hook and bake some bread tomorrow as well as the grinder attachment to make hummus... Yum!
    Oh- and the mixer is white. I didn't care either and it was $50-$70 less than the other colors! ;)

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    as the grinder attachment to make hummus... Yum!

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    I've been wanting to have a dough roller and a new oven....

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    So happy for you new kitchen tools....

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