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Thread: Easter basket ideas?

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    Default Easter basket ideas?

    what is the bunny putting in those baskets this year? Now that the girls are older I'm thinking less candy and more fun stuff! Starbucks card ($5), nail polishes, lip gloss, maybe a bathing suit. Any other ideas?
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    My dd isn't a big candy eater. So a couple years ago we abandoned the jellybean laden basket for a basket filled with chips and crap. LOL. I stop at a local quick mart and grab chips and cracker packs, beef jerky...all the crap she loves that we never buy. I stuff that in the basket and she's soooo cute about making it last; she'll take one to school with lunch and bring one to practices.


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    My adult kiddo's get DVD's (sale or garage sale purchased), razors (usually freebies), GC's to fast food, etc.

    My grand daughters get marshmallows (they are all 3 or under), hand made stuffed toys, books
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