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Thread: what are you doing for your hubby today?

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    Default what are you doing for your hubby today?

    Dh and I had to sit down and hammer out some big financial "stuff" this week, it is a huge burden lifted to know I don't have to figure things out on my own! So now that we are both on the same page again I feel that I can devote more time to our marriage and spend time & energy strengthing it rather than always feeling like iI need to gear up for a fight! So, tonight I am going to make him a favorite: sweet potato pie!
    Shawn, mom to 3 and wife to my love

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    I LOVE sweet potato pie. LOVE IT.

    BTW- It's nice to hear that things are getting better. : )

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    My DH just got back from being on the road for a week. We are just going to hang out at Lowe's or Home Depot (his favorite stores). lol

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    Nothing is better then getting it all off your chest and then realizing that your partner really just wanted to be on the same page with you. Communication is soooooo hard sometimes. Here's to a beautiful night for you and your hubby!

    Best Wishes

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    I'm just letting him sleep after he came from work, since he slept late last night watching our son...

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