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Thread: Back on the frugal wagon....

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    Default Back on the frugal wagon....

    Well, we're back from our awesome vacation in Georgia. Yes, Georgia. We stayed with family friends at their new mountain cabin (although cabin isn't quite what it was....more house-like to me...with lots of wood).

    The kids ran wild. Swam, target-shooting, dirt bikes...tree climbing and all that outdoorsy-ness.

    The parents all ate and drank to excess and LAUGHED....oh my did we LAUGH.

    And while we stayed in budget in terms of the vacation, we had a little mishap on the drive down involving the wheel bearings of the trailer. Which frankly sucked. But we persevered and got to Georgia.

    But that darn trailer and the U-haul sucked the life out of my newly refreshed emergency fund...remember Feb ski vacation that STARTED with dh breaking his wrist.

    So...I'm totally and completely back on the frugal wagon. Cause I have got to get that rainy day fund back up before July....when we host the multi-family vacation.


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    Glad you had a great vacation!

    Sorry about the trailer mishap, seems like there is always something!

    Tammy~married to my sweetheart ~sahm to my pumpkin
    Come visit me at my new blog!

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