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Thread: Prayers needed

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    Default Prayers needed

    I haven't updated on my Daddy in a while, but the Monday of the week my Mama went into hospice (on Wednesday 3/21) he had a stroke while I was sitting with him. He spent 3 nights in the hospital after having fluid drained from him brain. The stroke yet again caused his Alzheimers to progress. Since that time each visit has become increasingly hard on all of us. He is depressed, doesn't remember when we are there, thinks we have spent all of his money, which we haven't. We are in the process of having it put into a trust--per our Mama's will. Otherwise ALL of his money would be going to pay for his nursing home stay. He thinks we just put him in the nursing home to get "rid" of him. He can't remember his grandchildren most of the time--except for DS, and I think that is because he spent the most time with him. He has LARGE deficits in his memory. Both long term and short term. He only remembers that Mama is gone some of the time. He LOOKS normal, and at times is normal(ish). But then in a flash that is gone. The other day we were sitting in the screened sunroom, and out of the blue, he says "Man we sure have had a bumper crop of bananas this year." I was like what?!?!? Again he said, "we have had a bumper crop of bananas this year." I just said well that is good. Last Sunday, he had the entire wing in an uproar, not really--but out of sorts waiting on my brother that lives in North Carolina to get there with his "bail" money, so that he could get out of "jail". They nurses had to call all of us until the got someone to come up there. My other brother and I were in church so my sister got a hold of her husband who was in town, to go by and get him calmed down. They ended up having to give him something to calm him down, because he had worked himself into a tizzy. It is so sad and frustrating, because HE thinks he is in right mind. And sometimes he is, he just doesn't remember the times he is as crazy as a sprayed roach.

    Please keep us in your prayers as we go to the next level of this disease. There are 7 levels of the Alzheimers/Dimentia and we see signs of most all the levels except the last one. It is sooooo hard, to try and not get angry or short with him when he is being "bad" or telling us we are stealing his money or lying to him. Thank you ladies.
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    My heart just breaks for you guys and your dad. Keeping you all in prayer!
    Shawn, mom to 3 and wife to my love

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    My prayers are with you. This is a difficult time at best. We went thru this with my grandpa, he kept accusing my grandma of going to the Safeway and smoking pot with the farmworkers! Try not to take things personally, he will say things, horrible things and not know that he is doing it. I wish I had more advice to help you thru this, but know that you are not alone.

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    Sending prayers and lots of love to you all.

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    Sending prayers .

    Tammy~married to my sweetheart ~sahm to my pumpkin
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    Sending lots of hugs and prayers!!! Bless your heart!! Hang in there sweetie.

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