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Thread: bugs in my potting soil

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    Question bugs in my potting soil

    I have some plants I'd like to repot(if that's a word! lol) but the soil I bought has some little tiny bugs in it...is there anything I can do about that? These are indoor houseplants that I am speaking of.

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    Nope...I wouldn't use potting soil that brings bugs with it. Can you return it? That's just my
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    you can try freezing it..put the soil in a smaller size bags and freeze it in the deep freeze..Freezing will often kill the bugs, but sometimes won't kill the eggs...you may have to let it thaw for a while to see if you get a second hatch..
    then freeze it again..to kill the bugs before they reproduce..( in larval stage)...

    You can also try some natural bug killers..you can mix your own (there are a million concocions online if you search under "Jerry Baker bug killer etc." or buy a premix from the plant store.. but that depends on how much you need to kill..

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