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Thread: Need to work from home immediatly

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    Smile Need to work from home immediatly

    Hi i am new at this i was just fired from my jobs 3 weeks ago so i am planning to start working from home but i have tried before but found none legit. I have 2 kids my husband works but i need to help him because is way too much for him especially if u live in NY. Please can anyone tell me what u do if u are a stay at home mom and u r currently working from home. Thanks

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    Smile first

    First of all, welcome to FM!

    Have you checked out the main site? Candace has lots of ideas and links to legit work at home sites. Other than that, could you do something that is home parties/sales?
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    There are lots of work from home opportunities but you should be careful on which one to pick.

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    When you’re a mom, it is your most responsibility to take care of your family most especially your kids when your at home. You have to make sure everything is ok for the family. Do whatever needs to be done for that day or even for the next day.

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