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Thread: Polo has the house to herself...

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    Default Polo has the house to herself...

    Oh man. We're getting ready to move, and my hubby's new company helped us arrange a househunting trip. Our kitty, Polo, has the house to herself for the week! Our other kitty passed away in February, which was really hard. This is Polo's first time by herself. Our awesome neighbors are keeping an eye on her. I'm sure she'll be ok, but it's hard...I left the radio on for her, a few lights on and our bedroom curtains open (she likes to sunbathe on our bed). She's such a baby LOL

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    Our Casper loves to have the house to himself! His favorite spot is the bathroom sink....he's an oddball! lol! Hope she does ok!
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    Lol Polo loves the sink, too - the neighbor says she's fine! Sometimes I think worry more than she cares!

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    Cats are pretty independent, though when you get home you could get a lot of lovin' or if she is like my cat was, she would sit in the middle of the room with her back to me as if telling me "See, I'm ignoring you for leaving me alone." Cats are so funny! lol

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