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Thread: so enjoying this break!

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    Default so enjoying this break!

    Last week we got some excellent news financially, and let me tell you, the amount of pressure that has been lifted from me is amazing!! I'm on Fall Break from work, dd3 and I had last week off and all 4 of us have this next week off too. Its nice to just be home. Soccer is over, for now, they will have tournaments coming up but not games every weekend! dd1 still has dance, but that's doable this will be the first break in a very long time that I'm able to just relax, and I'm loving it! I'm planning on making some menus for the next few weeks, cleaning out rooms and closets (dd1 is having a Goodwill fundraiser for Dance Team so there is somewhere to put all that stuff!) And just hang out I'm so looking forward to this next week!
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    That's awesome. Just in time for all those holiday expenses....

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    Wow! Congrats! for the long break!! We frugal moms really need it

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