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Old 12-26-2008, 12:22 PM

Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: Texas
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Default 2009 Budgets

Here is a place for you to work on and edit your budget as the year progresses.

Well, we are starting out so unknown (just like last year), but here is my preliminary plan which should be workable between my job and dh's unemployment:

Mortgage: $2500.00 (This includes our mortgage, escrow account, plus an extra amount on our principal. We are working on being mortgage free by age 45)

Utilities: $700.00 (This includes water, garbage collection, electricity, gas, telephone, internet, cable, cell phones, tivo, security system, and life insurance premiums)

Car Payment: $550.00

Groceries: $300.00 (This includes groceries, household supplies, and pet food)

Gasoline: $200.00 (This includes gas for both cars plus our toll fees)

Allowances: $200.00

Mini-Accounts (These accounts I will deposit the following amounts in each month, and the leftover from each month will grow to cover larger expenses in these categories):

Kids: $600.00 a month (This account will pay for class tuitions, any school expenses, allowances, their birthday party, clothes,.....basically anything kid related)

Minor Emergency Account: $100.00 a month (this covers medical, auto, and emergency household expenses)

Slush Fund: $200.00 a month (this will cover recreation, eating out, household "wants", and gifts)

Health Insurance, tithe, some savings, and charity are all taken out before I begin the month.

I will update as our situation hopefully changes.

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Old 12-27-2008, 05:28 PM
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Okay, this is the rough budget for the first three months of 2009. Hopefully as of April 1, the health insurance charge will decrease (with the coverage getting better!):

Expense Category----------------------------Budgeted Amount
Home Loan----------------------------------------$231.00
Gasoline, Rachel------------------------------------$120.00
Gasoline, Jeremy------------------------------------$160.00
Auto Insurance-------------------------------------$101.65
Term Life Policies-----------------------------------$73.02
Health Insurance-----------------------------------$352.00
Auto fund------------------------------------------$30.00
Medical fund---------------------------------------$30.00
Spending for Jeremy--------------------------------$100.00

Already tweaking. I broke out the "misc" category to auto $30 (for tags and oil changes), medical $30, and misc. $40 (for misc. items like printer cartridges, etc.)
Loving wife to Jeremy
Loving mum to Drew, Mimi, and HoundCat and to Clark Kent and Lois Lane!

Change goals:

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Old 01-03-2009, 03:02 PM

Join Date: Jul 2006
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Going to attempt this one more time.. but a bit differently. Instead of my monthly budget.. I will do what I expect to pay yearly for each of the categories and then keep a running total as the year progresses. Mutual Funds , 401 K, and employer matched retirement funds are taken out of paycheck before it is deposited. Tithes are private.. but we are committing to doing a minimum of 10% this year. Larger purchases and vacation account comes from tax refund and spare change is usually put towards Christmas spending. DS pays all his own bills and pays a small rent to us.. which at this point I will just add to savings.

Food...$5000 a year

Life Ins, Personal and Property taxes...$ 3730/yr

Medicines, Dr co pays, dentist appointments...$1800/yr

Utility and services...( electric, coal, wood, oil, newspaper,netflix,house and cell phones, internet, and Dish network).....$8000 year

Gas.... $2800/yr

haircuts, clothing, personal needs $1000 year

Family fun and date nights $2250/yr

Household/lawn and garden $1200/yr

vet bills/pet food $750/yr

DD.... allowance.. piano lessons.. lunch money... school fundraisers and expenses....$2650/yr

Christmas/birthdays/holidays..$2500 yr.

DH and my allowance $2400 yr

Car ins and registration and services for 3 cars...$4000/yr

Homeowners Ins.. $540 year

Home equity( paying extra)... $4000/yr

Emergency fund $1000/yr
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